Friday, December 30, 2011

Why is Jon Russell blowing off the city council? Expect him to resign soon.

Russell is a flake. He's always just viewed his city council gig as a small rung off of his self-induced political ladder.

So, why is he blowing off his responsibility to his constituents? he's missed the last two city council meetings... is he doing an Aaron Christopherson?

Probably. Likely.

Expect him to resign in a matter of days. And expect him to push a genuine slimeball as his replacement.

Right, Jon? One of your lackeys? Living in that double-wide?

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  1. Washougal went along with his push in the last election to get his #1 target, Molly Coston off of Washougal's Council and replaced with Connie Jo Freeman, his previous Finance Manager, for his ridiculous run for the US Congress. The city also went along with his selection of Ms. Plinski, the well-known Mary Kay cosmetic saleswoman, to replace 16 year solid veteran Rod Morris. The only bright spot in the last election was a heroic, valliaint, and victorious move by the independent and thoughtful Joyce Lindsey, to unseat the brittle and dogmatic Michael Delavar. Jennifer McDaniel is known to swing any way that will keep her in power and thus is of little importance. She will simply go where it is easiest and she doesn't have to think too hard. Old Man on the Hill- Shoemaker will not run again or be voted out soundly in the next election.

    When Washougal did that, it told me, the city does not really care that much about their elected officials and Mr. Russell, filled with his mad and totally selfish ambition, was successful in his campaign push utilizing the conservative and religious vote to get his way.

    In my view- Washougal will now get to experience what a lack of interest in your hometown deserves. If the replacement for JR is by a vote of the council, well, guess what... it will not be someone that will think for themselves and will be solidly ultra conservative. That is a guarantee folks.

    The only real fun will begin when Russell, backed with David Madore's money, will make his push to get the new slot in the 18th District, left by the vacating Ed Orcutt, due to the recent district realignment. Mr. Russell will push quite hard...but I do believe the anger, resentment, he has solely created for himself along with his deceit will prove his undoing.

    People will go out of their way, with energy and MONEY, to make sure this political mistake and misfit gets shown the door- finally. If Madore was smart, and so far only He thinks so, he will let Jon fend for himself, and if Jon somehow does make it- Madore can re-friend him.

    Washougal, you really disappointed this writer.

  2. No-show at the start of the city meeting once again.