Thursday, October 20, 2011

This could be very bad for Jon Russell: Stacy Sellers is writing a book.

Hopefully, it'll delve into what was happening while Russell was approving her Vegas expenditures.

Just sayin'.
Stacee Sellers is back on top

It's been nearly two years since former Washougal Mayor Stacee Sellers lost her bid for re-election and disappeared from Clark County.

But like Elvis and Tupac, reported sightings continue to trickle in.

The latest: Sellers is penning her first book.

The best part: The title. "Foreplay: How to get back on top."

No joke.

Here's the description of the book, as written on her LinkedIn page:

"This is my experiences of letting go of negativity, self doubt, judgment and fear and living the life I always dreamed I could."

She's still getting handsy with her massage therapy business called a la paix on the potomac (which translates to “peace on the Potomac”).

She has also apparently started another business, iRealtorAssistant, and is a social media and marketing consultant for Talk The Talk Fusion.

On her LinkedIn profile, she gives more insight into what the last two years have been like and makes a mention of her time in Washougal.

"Like so many others all over the world I spent a great portion of my life miserable. One day I decided that I had been feeling sorry for myself long enough. I made a decision to get my life on track and spend the rest of my days empowering others and building the best relationships possible."

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