Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sarah Russell, wife of Jon Russell, confirms that Russell has been using fake names to comment on articles and blogs.

It has been long alleged that Jon Russell has repeatedly made up identities for purposes of commenting on blogs and in newspaper articles on line. Russell, himself, has repeatedly denied such allegations.

Today, his wife confirms the allegations are true.

This comment was left on my Jon Russell Watch Blog by Sarah Russell, his wife:
Sarah Russell said...

I'm sure no one will believe anything I have to say on the topic, but I promised someone that if I had the time and energy, I would jump on an refute any known fallacies on this blog. SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months. I personally have no idea who these fake names belong to, but I have to refute the false allegations. I know it must come as a shock to some that there might be other persons out their using fake names and disliking this or that political figure, but I'm breaking the news now: there must be! Thanks for letting me set the record straight. Sarah Russell
This acknowledgment of Jon's basic, dishonest nature may be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jon has REPEATEDLY denied the truth.

And now, you confirm it.

Well, here's my response:

I appreciate you stopping by, but your admission here... now... when you knew he was doing this 6 months ago?

It amounts to what we in politics refer to as a "when did you stop beating your wife" moment.

The issue isn't that he's stopped... although my sources tell me he hasn't come close to stopping and that he had numerous identities on various newspapers...


For elected officials or candidates, using fake names to attack others and to engage in character assassination is NOT a luxury any elected official can afford.
I freely admit I used a fake name and may continue to do so in the future.

But what am *I* elected to? What have *I* EVER been elected to?

Jon Russell has shilled himself as this honest, Christian kind of guy. He looked me in the eye over two years ago and solemnly told me that he'd "changed." That "holding his newborn daughters in his arms" has made him different.

Even invoking his children, he couldn't help but lie to me.

Because he had not changed... and in this regard, you have confirmed it.

Jon should resign. Now. Today.

He has lied REPEATEDLY on this issue... which begs the question: what else is he lying about... and to who?
This, of course, now amounts to what the democratian euphemistically calls "a paper trail."

Will they act and do what has to be done?

Because if they don't treat him the same way they've treated me... well, that will confirm a great deal... won't it?

Are we going to see Brancaccio hold Russell up and beat him to a pulp? Or will he get a pass because I beat the hell out of Lou and the despicable rag he runs?

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  1. The night of the primary election someone who uses the name “washougalbusinessowner” posted this comment on the Post-Record website following their reporting of the preliminary vote count.
    “Approx. 60% of voters voted against Morris and Coston in their races. I would not call that faring well.”
    A short time later Jon Russell posted the following on his Washougalkibbutz site.
    “Congratulations to Connie Jo Freeman and Caryn Plinski. They will advance with great momentum into the General Election. Their General Election opponents Rod Morris and Molly Coston, both incumbents, did not do very well in the Primary. When an incumbent politician has less than 50% of the vote in a Primary race, that means the majority of voters voted against them. Non-Partisan Primary elections act as kind of a popularity test because they have no political party identification, so people vote primarily on approval or disapproval. Coston received 40% and Morris 37%. 60%+ of voters cast their ballots against the status quo. Both incumbents are extremely vulnerable.”
    Some would look at this as circumstantial evidence that Mr. Russell was using the name “washougalbusinessowner” to comment on-line. But remember, Jon is not a Washougal business owner. His facebook page lists only Washougal City Councilman and Senior Partner at Grass Valley Medical Clinic as employment. Would Jon misrepresent himself in this way? He is a fine Christian man. It must be a coincidence.

  2. Sarah, do you think Jon tells you about every underhanded thing he does?

  3. Mrs. Russell, thank you for stepping up and making your statement. It took great courage for you to do this and I thank you for it. The fact that you signed your real name to this is a testament toward the truth your purport in this statement.

    Mike Briggs

  4. It seems like a strange letter to me. Is she defending him or outing him? I don't buy for a second that he has been idle for over 6 months. Jon is too arrogant for that.

    As "anonymous" stated above- I noticed the CW Post comment as well and it was obvious who wrote it. I wish the city council would address this matter.

  5. He is so irrelevant now. As Jon states, I am a lot like Sarah Palin, loved by many and hated by most." Yes Jon you are just as electable as she is....

  6. Jon is not irrelevant.

    He is coaching and grooming Caryn Plinski and Connie Jo Freeman for the Council, and they stand a good chance to win. I hope this blog will take a good, hard look at these two candidates.

    Connie Jo Freeman already has been disingenuous in her statement in the 8/16 issue of the P-R. And wrong on the issues in the primary forum held in July. She is another Jon Russell in a bus driver uniform. (No, I'm a teacher. No, I'm an administrator. No, I'm a people person. No, I sell cosmetics at home. No, I have a Bachelor of Theology, but I can't name the college.)

  7. How about the information that Caryn Plinski and Jeff Bivens had an LLC??? The same Bivens who is Jon's good friend and who is going to prison. Bad, bad.

  8. While I appreciate these comments and this post in general- this info must hit the Columbian if it is to become generally well known.

  9. The report above about the possibility of Jon's minion Caryn Plinski having an LLC with Bivens is huge news to look into by someone.
    Let's not forget the reports that came out of City Hall before Sellers was defeated that had Bivens and Russell meeting a lot together and the reports of them championing the mayorship for a full time job. This probably because they knew her funding from DRIC - allegedly in the form of payment from events - was going to dry up.
    Jon, to many, is not to be trusted especially with choosing elected officials.

  10. the columbian reported on this, "Washougalgate" as written by Ray Legend-