Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Russell at least takes down his likely illegal use of a community facebook page with the city's seal he used for electioneering.

Made my daily trip over to Russell's facebook agitprop pages today, both his personal and pre-run for the legislature political scam site.

As noted here:
Thursday, November 3, 2011

So... why is Jon Russell using the seal of the City of Washougal for political purposes?

Russell's been running a couple of empty-suited sock-puppets to try and pack the council. From his "Community Page about Washougal, Washington" is first, his mug shot with the city seal on it, and then second, this:

Notice the Seal of the City of Washougal covering part of Russell's picture?

Kind of infers city approval for his babble.

And that's not right, is it?
I pointed out that, once again, Jon Russell was breaking the law... a law he KNEW he was breaking.

So, what do I see in tonight's visit over to the den of inequity for the 25th of October?

Absolutely nothing. He took it down.

Because he got busted for, once again, breaking the law.

But then, that's how he rolls.


  1. I've also heard his "new cabinet" has been meeting in secret meetings again without benefit of the public and all of the existing council. But I'm quite sure his "new people" were in attendance...

    I wish the state would seriously look into OPMA violations-

  2. I don't get it. Jon claims he is a professional political advisor and makes money working campaigns. So, shouldn't he have known this was a big, big no no? Like, illegal.

  3. He has a "cabinet"? Maybe someone could lock him in there and toss away the key!