Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Memo to Jon Russell: When you leave a comment, don't be anonymous about it.

Look, I can understand how frustrated you are. But leaving anonymous comments when I can trace your IP address probably isn't the smartest move you've made.

So, here's the deal. As much as I'm aware of the horrific inferiority complex that envelops you, causing you to have to lie about who and what you are, if you want to be posted on this blog that you believe to be so insignificant, you've got to leave your name at the bottom of those posts.

"Anonymous" simply won't do.

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  1. playing the devil's advocate here since I am NO Jon Russell fan- you can trace all IP addresses which choose to write upon this blog, correct? that being so you also have the power to approve or not approve any post. if little boy Jon wants to post something and you don't like his anonymous name attached.... simply don't print it. Right?

    I guess I don't get your message above-

    Anonymous (and I aint beastie boy Jon Russell)

  2. Well, I didn't post his effort. I wouldn't mind in the least if Russell came here and, for once, had the guts to post over his own name.

    He has contacted me lately, via email from his cell, but I couldn't get his permission to post his comment since I ALWAYS get permission to post email, as opposed to the blog comments left here... which is why I mentioned his wife outing him for using fake name/facebook identities (which he still does) to comment on local newspapers around here.

    When Jon provides these comments (Some were just the tiniest bit, well, obscene in the past... the post-election, 2010 series were a real beaut... though it's been awhile since that sort of thing has happened.) I want him to man up and attach his name to them. You know, like the Christian "man of integrity" he claims to be?

    ALL elected officials of any stripe should ALWAYS accurately label their pronouncements, and that's been a REAL problem for Jon for years.

    And that's a shame. Telling the truth isn't all that difficult, although he seems to have a huge problem with it.

    So, like the rest of this blog, the post above serves as a reminder to Jon that there is redemption in honor. And in this case, "honor" is simply attaching your name as an elected official to what you write, instead of playing this playground crap that he has so favored over the years.

    It serves the purpose of reminding him that I can ferret him out when he posts, typically no matter WHAT identity he's using when he does it.

    The message he left was far from the "forgiving" Christian he used to be. (He used to spend a great deal of time trying to convince me he really IS a Christian by "forgiving me" for my posts... hasn't happened since the episode where his wife busted him, though...) and all he has to do is be honest... a trait he's strangely unfamiliar with and one that she be the bedrock principle of anyone elected to anything.

    Thus, this post.

  3. Amazing. The ever "christian" boy, Jon Russell tonight voted NO to approving an agreement that has been in place for years for the Washougal social center. This is the place that has 10-12 agencies in it for people in serious need, but Russell votes AGAINST it.

    How will that play in the next election, whatever he runs for.

    Luckily, four members of council voted yes, so it passed. Barely.

    What a turd. Bet his kids don't get much for Christmas.

  4. I've read both posts above.

    As for Jon Russell, I have seen him in action in front of the people, but more so, behind most people, the public, those he is supposed to represent with honesty, fidelity and with the public's best interest at heart- always. I was at first surprised, then shocked, then on to anger, and lastly saddened. He has such a struggle within himself to be the kind of person he says he is but regrettably he nearly always comes up lacking. This man is not the kind of person to be in the role of a civic leader. He can just barely represent himself with dignity and honesty, let alone a city like Washougal.

    I realize he has a blind ambition which drives him relentlessly forward but I wish he could attain, if only for a short time what alcoholics call, a moment of clarity, which could show himself how far he has fallen from the sense of his ideals he constantly refers to as a father and as a Christian.

    I wish Jon Russell would do the best thing for himself, his family and for the city of Washougal and resign from his office as City Councilman.

  5. So it is a new district. So maybe I will run again.