Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jon Russell is crushed: Post Record now requires Facebook identities to comment.

Except for the fake facebook identities Jon Russell has made up (and he's made up a few) the Post Record acted to end his charade of multiple identities to attack opponents and support sock-puppets.

While this doesn't make it impossible for Russell to continue to lie about who he is when he comments, it does make it more difficult.

Expect the appearance of another of his fake identities, one Jessica Bowen. This post here explains it all.

Oddly, Russell has a thing for cute blondes with the initials J and B... thus his fake identity Judy Banks that I exposed during the last election.

In the meantime, the PR has implemented the policy of their Columbian ownership:
Post-Record unveils new website commenting system

Posting comments will require a Facebook account

Today the Post-Record will launch a new commenting system on its website to improve the reader experience and encourage community members to join the conversation. All readers who wish to comment on www.camaspostrecord.com stories must now use their real name and post their remarks with a Facebook account.

The goal of the change is to bring accountability to website article comments, while also encouraging thoughtful and critical discussion about local topics and items of interest. The concept is similar to what is demanded by letters to the editor in the print edition, which require the author’s name for publication.

Commenters can choose to share their thoughts on local issues with their Facebook friends by posting comments to their walls. Other readers will see the comment on www.camaspostrecord.com, but the commenter’s profile information will not be visible, depending on his or her Facebook privacy settings.

The Post-Record will continue to moderate comments, and will remove those that don’t meet community discussion guidelines. Commenters using fake Facebook accounts and/or names to comment or violate community guidelines will be banned.

Once the changeover to Facebook based commenting takes place, comments made on past articles using the previous system will no longer be visible on the website


  1. Quiz- for 10 points, can anyone name all of the aliases Jon Russell has used (and let's keep it manageable) since Jan. 2010?

  2. Well, there are at least the two on Facebook, Judy Banks and Jessica Bowen.

    The Black Hand was a fav of his. The Washougal series... Poulis, etc. That's a tough one. Sources tell me there were as many as 20 on the Columbian.

  3. washougalbusinessowner
    citizenspeak (?)
    Teacher Judy Banks
    And, of course, his worst alias:

    Jon Russell

  4. I am not awarding the 10 points unless I see more....
    and I will give you the first one- "petra"-

    and now there are "rumors" out there since he cannot use aliases he is finding likely real people and writing thru their facebook names-
    real people ..... but it's our little Jonnie boy coming out -once again-

    for 100 points- who can name this latest name...

  5. Not sure of the latest, but I guarantee you I can determine if any name he uses is fake or not.

  6. what about Daniel Coursey- that's the one I've heard of-

  7. Oh Oh Jon- Daniel Coursey is reported a fake...