Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And yet another article where Russell shows his lack of honesty, integrity, and character:

The other candidate in Russell's stable is one Connie Joe Freeman.

Freeman does a much better job with the pater, but while Plinski has what she claims is a degree from WSU, Freeman has a degree from an unaccredited institution called "Southern California Bible College...", or Matchbook University.

In short, Freeman has no recognized degree (Shades of Jon Russell's numerous fake degrees!)
So, the choice is between someone with a fake degree who's a school bus driver and a graduate of the Univeristy of Arizona with degrees in organic chem and biology with a record of community involvement as long as your arm... unlike Freeman.

But again, Freeman is but another empty suit being ran by Russell in his ongoing effort to take control over Washougal City Government.

That's been discussed a great deal as far as that goes... and again, that's not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is to again, point our Russell's habit of using fake identities to attack opponents and support his stable: (Again, Russell's posts are in boldface, and remember, he's RUNNING Freeman:)


Good job Connie Jo. You are a great candidate. Thank you for visiting with me at my home.

Thanks, Post Record, for pointing out the glaring differences between Molly and Freeman. Molly understands the role of city council and each council person. Her thoughtful responses printed here underscore her vast experience and knowledge.

Ms. Freeman does not appear to understand the city's role in economic development. On the one hand, she states “We have to continue to entice businesses here, by having good competition with other cities." Having the city invest in its infrastructure is part of that enticement, and yet she states "Stop the spending on non-necessities,” referring to the “E” Street improvements and construction of the pedestrian tunnel near Pendleton Woolen Mills. She has not been paying attention to the efforts of CWEDA and Paul Dennis (she was NOT in attendance at the CWEDA public meeting yesterday).

I have concerns with Ms. Freeman telling the public things that are untrue. She stated at the League of Women Voters forum that the city is spending city dollars on Public Art, when in fact this is absolutely not true.....and apparently she actually knew this, but said it anyway.

Her son did not find drugs until her move to Washougal? That hits on so many levels, and is an irresponsible statement. Does that mean that the schools are responsible for her son's drug problem? Did she stop educating her son about drug use when she relocated? And are there no drugs in Los Angeles County, California? What does that say about how she views our city? Why did she even move here?

There is no comparison, in my opinion. Molly Coston is the best candidate, and she has my support and vote.

It will be nice to finally have a Councilwoman like Connie Jo who understands government works for us. Not the other way around.

Jon (polis) Russell, you are getting quite mean to your fellow councilmembers.

Guess all that talk by you, McDaniels and others about working together isn't going so well.

Oh, I forgot. Your public pledge was to spend the next two years "making the left froth at the mouth" or words to that effect.

Sorry, I got you mixed up with one of the folks who actually wants to help our community, not stomp all over it.

I'm actually a little insulted that she suggests Washougal schools are to blame for her son using drugs. What about self accountability?

Cari, since Connie Joe consider Jon Russell a mentor, it is safe to assume that they deny themselves any self accountability.

Besides, aren't her kids home schooled? If so.......oh, I am getting confused. Someone ask her to clarify.

Good call, Cari. Freeman obviously doesn't understand the importance of a good infrastructure, economic development, the history of Washougal's impact fees and the history of developers taking advantage of the City in past years. Maybe she and other candidates need to start attending not just Counicl meetings, but economic development meetings, Port meetings and school meetings. I see some very weak candidates out there that are nothing but mouthpieces for larger causes that have nothing to do with the business of operating a small city.

Cari, it is further proof how far removed and disconnected Ms. Plinski and Ms. Freeman are.

twilliams. Blah Blah Blah. According to the people who make it their business we know Cari Wallace is Choice, we know dlarson is Sean Guard, we know Bingo is Mike Briggs, we know Russell is a plethora of aliases. So what? Do you bring any substance to the discussion? Do you thrive on providing misinformation?

I don't whether to be flattered or creeped out that you have gone to so much trouble to find out my name. Alas, however- you are wrong. I am not Choice. Always have been Cari..and I have not been Wallace for many years now. Is there a reason why this is important for you to know?

WBO, hate to break it to you but that is not my name. I really don't want to be in your guessing game either. Someone must not be doing a very good job. I am not running for public office so it really doesn't matter. On the other hand I would expect our elected officials (especially the ones that were put in this position by god) to be a bit more forthcoming.

Wow. Lots of interesting things flying here tonight.

I support Molly Coston decidedly over Connie Jo Freeman. I support veteran councilman Rod Morris over Caryn Plinski.

Mayor Sean Guard is not dlarsen and I don't know who that soul is. I only write under my own name of Mike Briggs. I don't know who Cari Wallace or Choice is.

Washougal City Councilman Jon Russell uses many names including in just this article's postings: two in order: "washougalbusinessowner" & "polis". This information is not new to any reader.

I think Conne Jo better start looking for another campaign manager real soon- Nov. 8 is just around the corner.

Mike Briggs Washougal

Again, this dissociative Jon Russell should seriously get some real help.

Between lying about his education, his wife's job, his fund raising, and that he's a conservative Christian and this stuff, it's kind of clear he's certifiable.

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