Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jon Russell freaking out that Delavar might lose.

After finding his posse blown to pieces, rhetorically speaking, in the Post Record, Jon Russell's head has, literally, exploded.

The PR's endorsement of about everyone BUT who Russell wants has caused him to go nuts on his bizarro-world blog, Washougal Kiss-butts.

He is HAMMERING on Mike Delavar's opponent, Joyce Lindsey, with a bunch of irrelevant crap that in the end, doesn't matter. The problem?

No one reads his tripe.

Here's a graph of how sad an pathetic Russell's readership numbers really are, provided by this nut job on his own blog.

Now, as a rule, I don't support democrats. But Russell's influence/support of Mike Delavar is not a good thing, and Delavar hasn't done anything I can find to separate himself from Russell, who Delavar now wears around his neck like an anchor.

That Russell has now focused exclusively on Delavar's opponent to the exclusion of the rest of his posse makes it appear that Russell has, wisely, dumped them as a lost cause and is now working double-overtime to save the one chance he's got left.

None of Russell's little comments are germaine to city issues, you understand. Lindsey is, gasp, A DEMOCRAT!

According to Russell, she favors partial birth abortion (She donated to I-694 13 years ago... when Jon Russell hadn't even heard of Washington State, let along lived here (He's been a resident for all of 7 years)) is THAT a city issue? Affirmative Action (Is THAT a city issue?)

He busts Lindsey's chops for her party affiliation.

For me, the question is this:

Would it be OK if the favor were returned, and it were Russell?

Hard to say. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, right?

But keep this in mind: Russell's actions here are driven by fear, because it's alllllll falling apart.

Right, Jon?

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  1. you watch, now little Jon-boy will have all his cronies do massive look-ups on his trash web page to boost his readership count. I'm serious- this is the nutso way this little guy thinks...

  2. If you back out Jon's multiple personalities it's probably just 2 views!!!

  3. I predict Delavar will lose, and possibly lose big. Why? Three reasons. His politics are not shared in Washougal. His relationship to Jon Russell and his negative campaign tactics (plus his taking of thousands of $$ from David Madore & Co.) and finally, Delavar himself is out of touch. Marijuana gardens next to schools/parks/churches, Arizona immigration support, red light cameras. The guy just helps Joyce Lindsay every chance he gets. Oh, yes. And iPads. Technology is bad, bad, bad. Right, Mike.