Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Russell slithers out onto Facebook... again.

One of the more entertaining aspects of keeping an eye on Jon Russell's latest skulduggery, is that he typically runs away when I smack him on the blogs... or call him out on those rare and infrequent occasions when he actually posts a comment over his own name... given his year's long habit of making up various fake identities to attack political opponents or support political lackeys.

A couple of weeks ago, I pounded him... again.... on facebook. I reminded him that calling others out and accusing THEM of "libel" is the height of hypocrisy, among other things.

Russell mixed it up, a little bit
... but he hates being reminded of all those lies during his campaign... and he REALLY hates to be reminded that he was paid a total of over $25,000 on campaigns to jack up our taxes... both on the Port Levy tax rip off and that massive waste of money called the Library Levy.

He REALLY hates that.

Anyway, his response has been, typically, to shut everything down until he thinks the dust has settled... and then he slowly re-emerges... both bloody, AND bowed... so I can repeat the process.

And today is no exception... since a facebook page has re-emerged. Again. And even THAT page leaves out the things Russell wants you to forget.

You remember, don't you, that Russell fancied himself as the de facto chair of the city finance committee... the committee that had to approve all the Washougal credit card expenditures... like those Russell approved as a result of Stacee Sellers' Vegas trip with Russell buddy Bivens, the city finance director?

Oddly, in the "biography" Russell has on this page, he goes to great lengths to tell the reader what committees he's served (ing) on and that he was mayor pro tem (Until he lost the job) back in 2010.

But not a peep on there about his tenure on the city finance committee.

You gotta wonder:

Why IS that?

My guess?

He doesn't want to remind anyone.

Which is OK... because that's what I'M here for.

So, expect more posts on the subject as I use the source documents to further indict this underhanded, backstabbing, multiple identity liar of a politician.

And yeah, Jon... I'm watching.

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  1. lookout- jon boy has decided to play nice on PR blog. He almost sounds normal.........but we know this won't last long.

  2. what amazes me, truly amazes me, is that our young Mr. Russell does believe he can change is demeanor, over night, and believes that people will buy this. If he does believe this he is truly naive or he may be suffering from some other ailments associated with seratonin levels.