Monday, November 21, 2011

OOOppps! Looks like ANOTHER internet casualty for Jon Russell; his quasi official, moronic facebook page that used the city seal!

You remember it, don't you? Russell breaking ANOTHER law by electioneering using the city seal:

Russell's never been one for either telling the truth OR following election laws. But the link for that page is no longer functional... meaning that someone has removed it.

Of course, "screen capture" is my middle name, for all the good it will ever do him.

Feel free to try out the link yourself.


  1. Its being said that the city completed its investigation of the wunder kid (not). Anyone know how you get a copy of the results?

  2. after what he got away with in Washougal, the idiots we now have in council, thanks to him and madore, I don't think anything will stop this fool.

  3. No one in Camas would ever let a guy like this take over!