Friday, October 21, 2011

More trouble for the Russell Posse: Caryn Plinski? She's only voted twice since she got here.

Yup... she's blown off the general every year except 08 and 10.

She's not voted in a primary...ever.

Yet ANOTHER candidate wannabe that can't find time to vote?

Good God, Jon.... don't you VET the sock puppets you have running for you?


  1. This is good info to know. Plinski and Andersen have not voted themselves very much. I don't like this. Maybe both of these people we just kind of thrown up quickly against the incumbents. One by Russell, one by the Mayor.

  2. Your blog shows how Washougal, like many small towns, has been vulnerable to takeover because of its inattention to governance.

    Has Washougal had enough of undereducated, overreaching poseurs such as Delavar and Russell?

    Wake up, Washougal. It's getting late.

  3. Interesting on Plinski, given that she has had her married name the whole time she has lived here.

  4. What is Plinski's maiden name? What is her connection to Jonnie boy's old friend, Bivens, who I believe is on this way to the Federal jail? Inquiring minds want to know...