Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another sign Russell wants to run in the 18th: the moronic posts in his blog have all disappeared.

So, doing my roughly daily job of looking for the all-too-typical Russell idiocy, I happened upon this:

So, the election was a few days ago... and what has Russell done?

More importantly.... why did he do it?

One wonders.


Now even that much has disappeared: now a window comes up saying the whole thing is gone... "marked private."


Apparently, Russell has forgotten about the google cache function. His idiocy is available for all to peruse for all time.


  1. thank you david madore-

  2. IMHO, I assume he is going to take a run at Mayor.

  3. What does Jon Russell do?

    It's easier to say what he doesn't do: support his family with a full-time job. Instead, he starts and abandons blogs, putting up nasty attacks and then taking them down to hide them. (The city seal is still up by his face on one of his Facebook pages.)

    Check out: It links to some other orphaned blogs he created.

  4. This kid is truly on a crash course to a crash. He is just a disaster waiting to fall on Washougal.

  5. Based on the last 24 hours, Jon:

    1. reads this blog

    2. freaks out easily

    3. has deleted blogs/restricted access to blogs

    In short. he's a cowardly loser on the Internet.

    Let's see if he can grow up and be a man in real life. Getting a job to support his family would be a good first start.

  6. and the majority of the voters supported this guy thru his two stooges on the council- whatever happened to the separation of Church & State...

    Washougal oh Washougal- I hope you like what you will be served thru your representation on your own council-