Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looks like Russell has yanked his facebook page down... again.

So, a few days ago, I got into a "discussion," via Facebook, with Jon Russell. Part of that is addressed below... enough to provide a snapshot of the mindset of Jon Russell, a mindset where lying as part of a campaign strategy is OK, and, of course, the typically abysmal outcomes are "God's Will (tm)"

Well, upon reflection, Jon seems to not want to be associated with his words and he certainly doesn't want to have traffic reading mine.

So.... what does he do?

He takes it all down.

This is (was?) the link to Jon Russell's Facebook page. Guess what happens when you click it now?

Absolutely nothing.

That's right... instead of addressing the issues... instead of introspection... instead of the realization that lying doesn't make for a really great platform for a campaign, a marriage, a business... a life... he just takes it down.
LinkBut since then, of course, he's been shooting off his word processor using fake names (as he typically does) to attack his opponents and support his "stable."

Why are we not surprised?


  1. This just in........Caryn Plinski says today she just drove down E Street for the first!

  2. I just checked Jon's Facebook page, and the "public" side is still up, so perhaps you've been---oh horrors!---banned.

    So here's what you missed: Mr. Russell had beets and cottage cheese for dinner last night. Yum.

    (Tonight, of course, is Thirsty Thursday. Look for God on his side tomorrow.)

    Thank you for sharing what's going on in battered little Washougal. I hope its citizens pay attention and vote in this upcoming election.

  3. I dunno.... I've looked from different computers where I'm not logged in and there's nothing. Further, there haven't been any more comments on the Columbian since our little episode...