Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kampe campaign: mud slinging from the start.

With roughly 6 weeks to go until Dennis Kampe joins the long list of failed democrat candidates, his campaign, unfortunately, has already started the mud-slinging contest so reminiscent of the Jon Russell campaign.

Russell, who has publicly endorsed Rivers while privately supporting Kampe, who Kampe has described as his "good friend and political adviser," ran one of the most underhanded, filthy, inaccurate and flat out lying campaigns it has been my displeasure to witness.

Well, here's your sign: stick to issues, Dennis.

Look, I know you're a democrat with both hands tied behind your back: first, as I said, you're a democrat. In the 18th, that means you're in the wrong party in a year where democrats have become the political equivalent of child molesters due to their demand for tax increases in the middle of a recession, their kow-towing to union thuggery, their out of control spending, their efforts to bury this nation under a horrific mountain of debt, their failed economic strategies that screw the tax payer and their corruption and incompetence at the top.

Your second hand tied behind your back is your positions.

You support the bridge. You support light rail. You support a state income tax. You oppose privatization of liquor stores and any other government function.

So, you go so far as to attack Ann Rivers directly instead of talk about the issues... because, of course, you know you can't win on the issues.
"The voters of the 18th Legislative District have an important choice to make this November. Some people seem impressed that Ann Rivers already has plans. But are these plans that have been informed by her time lobbying for special interests?"

This is an excerpt from a canned Kampe campaign letter directly from Kampe's campaign organization that was farmed out to get someone who has no clue to sign it and send it in to a newspaper. (As a general rule, any letter that sounds like campaign talking points is, well, campaign talking points.) It is precisely the same thing that Jon Russell did, talking about precisely the same subjects.

And I'm surprised by all of this, given that Dennis now seems to be reduced to Russell's talking points... in this case, attacking a school district as a "special interest."

Of course, as a union leftist school administrator, Kampe wouldn't know anything about "special interests."

Would he?

So, here's the deal: stick to the issues. That way, when this is over and you get flattened, you'll at least have some shred of integrity intact.

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