Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Failed congressional/state representative candidate Jon Russell reinforces his rank hypocrisy.

Haven't heard much about Russell lately since his utterly abysmal twin jokes of a failed-from-the-start congressional campaign and an equally and embarrassingly inept state representative campaign replete with his typical lies, exaggerations and false claims concerning his education and his wife's status as a "doctor."

So, in response to those who keep asking me about this twit, I stumbled across this tidbit, where some of the most rank hypocrisy I've ever seen in politics was presented with this twit's usual failure to apply the same standards to himself.

Washougal Council delays appointment of planning commissioner

Interview panel had recommended Mike Briggs

The appointment of a new Washougal Planning Commissioner was anything but routine during a recent City Council meeting.

Council member Jon Russell made a motion on Nov. 15 that the appointment of Mike Briggs be tabled.

Russell said Briggs had made “disparaging remarks” toward the mayor, City Council and developers in local blogs and media.

“There have been personal attacks,” Russell said.

Councilman Dave Shoemaker said planning commissioners have varying opinions. He said he enjoyed talking with Larry Wagoner when they served on the planning commission.

“Those were valuable, civil discussions,” Shoemaker said.

However, he would not be able to support Briggs’ appointment to the Planning Commission due to “personal attacks.”

Councilman Rod Morris spoke in favor of talking about concerns during the next council workshop.

“This should be out in the open Monday, and have Briggs hear it,” Morris said.


Now, it takes a special kind of snake like Russell to attack one of his myriad of political opponents for the exact same conduct that was the hallmark of his campaign.

Russell is lying scum. His campaign showed that he was, beyond any doubt, the absolute worst that politics has to offer. "Disparaging remarks" is the least of the despicable conduct this clown engaged in on a regular basis, conduct that included making up fake facebook and Columbian identities (Teacher Judy Banks) so they could post to each other about how badly I was smacking the crap out of the little creep.

He lied about his education. Lied about his wife's status as a doctor. Lied about opening up a second clinic. Assisted Keath Huff and others in their character assassination of myself and others.

Used fake identities on the Columbian web sites and other locations to attack me and others he's opposed, including on the ubiquitous CW Watch, where, using his punk identity of "The Black Hand, he would attack anyone and everyone wise enough to oppose him or his agenda.

The rank hypocrisy of his complaints over Mike Briggs making "disparaging remarks" about a scum bag like Russell, when Russell has done the exact same thing to Briggs cannot be overstated.

That someone like Russell hasn't been forced off the city council for repeatedly lying about his education is an absolute mystery to me. In fact, had he been a city councilor in Oregon, he likely would have faced arrest for his lies.

For Russell to object to Briggs is unspeakable arrogance and hypocrisy. And if the people of Washougal don't act to get rid of that punk, then they truly do deserve the government they elect.

Yes, it takes a genuine scummy little worm like Russell to do something like this. Why am I not surprised?

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  1. So, did you attend the Nov. 29 workshop in Washougal?

  2. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. Besides, if I HAD shown up, Russell's head would have exploded.

    But I'll have a word or two hundred or so to say about based on the article in the PR.

  3. many here in this area await your response-