Sunday, September 19, 2010

Memo for Jon Russell:The Code of Geddes

As most readers know, Jon Russell ran (badly) for both Congress and the state House. In running, he forgot a few things that resulted in continued lies and exaggeration, character assassination and a generally despicable campaign that wound up with the inevitable result: he got clobbered.

Well, here's a few rules that Jon SHOULD have lived by and remembered. Had he done so, the outcome might have been much different.

1. A degree or lack of it doesn’t mean a thing: it’s what you can do/bring to the team and the ideas you have that count, not a piece of paper.

2. Once a member of the team, you are a member for as long as you want to be.

3. Credit doesn’t matter, only results. Try to be sure that credit is given where it is due, but if you can share a bit with others, it adds and does not subtract. Be sure to credit all members of the team.

4. Ideas are great, but cheap; results are what count, and are truly valuable.

5. Identifying and treating a symptom of a problem is good, but identifying and treating the root problem (medical or otherwise) is best.

6. If you are not trying to better the human condition, why are you bothering to do what you do?

7. Always look on the bright side, and try to find something good to say about anyone.

These rules, extrapolated by an employee of Purdue University (Now working as an independent contractor) are rules that anyone seeking office should live by. Russell, of course, is incapable of such things, since it's all about him.

Yes, he should take these rules to heart. It might stop him from leaving his death wishes for me in the comments sections of these blogs.

It might.

But it probably won't.

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  1. You should visit Washogal City Council sometime. Every Monday night. You could see your boy in action.