Saturday, September 4, 2010

So, the question's been asked: "Why keep hammering on Russell?"

Fair enough.

First, Russell is still elected to something. That's not really acceptable to me, so keeping the people informed as to what he's all about and what he's doing is part of what this blog is about.

Second, had Russell lied about his education in Oregon, he'd be facing the same kind of difficulty the now former mayor of West Linn is under scrutiny for. Since I was the public source of the allegations, the paper buried it even when they found out they were true, instead of "holding him accountable."

He would have faced arrest, investigation and the essentially forced resignation from the Washougal city council that he so richly deserves. Does anyone believe that Russell, who ran for the city council even while still running for Congress, would have been elected had the voters there knew he had lied about his education and, for example, the nonsense about his wife being a doctor?

Third, Russell is now supporting a democrat in the 18th District.

Instead of endorsing the top vote-getting Republican, he's working to help Dennis Kampe get elected in the 18th.

Considering what his chief weasel, Gary Wiram had his panties up in such a bunch over (the nonsensical allegations that Rivers was a democrat) that Jon Russell (TeacherJudyBanks) would actually BE a democrat is kind of beyond the pail.

Russell is, allegedly, a staunch Christian. He waves his Bible around like a flag, and many people actually believe it.

But the major hallmark of a Christian is the ability to forgive. And while nothing I've written or said about Russell has been anything but the truth as I understand it, Russell sees himself blameless and a victim... the hallmarks of the leftist democrat. Otherwise, he would have already come out in support of Rivers, recognizing that he was just beaten by the superior candidate.

I will not, as others have suggested, apologize to Russell for anything I've said or done, particularly since I warned him ahead of time that if he ran, I would bring out the truth about him to as many people as possible.
"It is discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few
by deceit." --British playwright Noel Coward (1899-1973) (Thanks to Dave S)

People are shocked at my honesty... and pay no attention to Russell's deceit.

For Russell, his options are simple: He can continue on as he is, knowing that every political thing he does will be subjected to examination or discussion on this blog.

Or he can resign, before the recall gets up and running and he's invited to leave.

Meanwhile, the coverage continues. But as long as Russell is in politics, I'm going to be here.

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