Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm hearing it: throwing a tantrum, Jon Russell is supporting Dennis Kampe.

Showing his true colors... again... Jon Russell is picking up his football and going home with it, so to speak.

I've heard from a variety of GOP sources that "Republican" Jon Russell is working to get Dennis Kampe elected to the position of State Representative in the 18th District to replace Jaime Herrera in the open seat.

I'd heard rumors to that effect when I asked the rhetorical question, when is Russell going to endorse Rivers?

I admit I cheated when I asked the question. I already knew Russell was acting like a punk, and that he was going to support a fellow democrat for the position, meaning that I knew the answer to the question was "never," even while I was asking it.

To Russell, it's all about him. Screw those delusional enough to have voted for him because he's allegedly a "Republican;" he's going to do everything he can to get a democrat elected... like a spoiled, rotten brat.

Well, there you have it. Russell is actively working to get a democrat elected because he's playing the role of "victim." He's pouting in a way he wouldn't put up with if his 4 year old was doing it.

And the irony out of all of this is that Kampe is giddy... because he hasn't figured it out.

Russell wants Kampe to win so he can run against him in 2012. Period.

Does Kampe know that?

Russell thinks he can keep his abysmal political career alive only if he can target Kampe.

He knows that Rivers would flatten him... again... if he were stupid enough to go after her as an incumbent in the 2012 primary.

So, while Dennis may believe that Russell actually DOES support him, what Russell REALLY supports is his ability to run again in 2012. And Kampe winning is the only realistic way for Russell to get there.

Of course, Russell apparently doesn't realize that his multiple lies, exaggerations and public support of a democrat has killed his political future, so even if this fantasy were ever to see the light of day, Russell would still be unfit for political office... and he would still... lose.

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  1. I am far from a Jon Russell supporter; in fact, I am probably one of his worst detractors. However, I asked him point blank if he was now supporting Dennis Kampe, and he distinctly, and without clarification, said it was not true.

  2. Are you kidding me, the primary is over and you still keep trying to throw Jon under the bus. You really need to get a life. Do you have nothing better to do? Move on Kelly, move on.

  3. First of all, if Russell told me it was daylight outside, I'd have to look for myself. Veracity isn't his strong suit; lying about his education and his wife's status as a doctor forces that to be a problematic issue.

    Secondly, would you expect him to tell the truth about that?

    There is one absolutely unambiguous way to prove it, and maybe you can pass it along to Jon:

    Unambiguously endorse Ann Rivers. What's the hold up? That would certainly put an end to the discussion, wouldn't it?

    Until then, I'm forced to listen to what I'm hearing from so many other corners... including the Kampe campaign.

    You see, it isn't what Jon says that matters, because God knows, he's lied enough for a dozen candidates.

    It's what he does or does not do. And in this case, what he has not done is endorse Rivers. And that is indisputable.

    As for my efforts to "throw Jon under a bus," Jon threw himself under a bus with his tactics and his lies.

    Here's a hint for you: Don't like what I write?

    Then don't read it. Simple, really.