Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jon Russell buddy Bivens facing 5 years in Club Fed.

Russell, a Washougal City Councilman and failed Congressional/state representative candidate, was in large part responsible for the hiring of Jeffery Bivens to the position of City Finance director, only to have $100,000 vaporize while discovering that Bivens wasn't bondable.

Russell, a friend of Bivens, is responsible in part for the sweetheart deal Bivens got to leave Washougal.

You remember, right? $45,000 to leave a job he never should have got in the first place? Since the city council, including Russell, hired Bivens KNOWING he had been suspended by the Bar for 18 months as a result of "charging unreasonable fees, conflicts of interest, failure to preserve the identity of clients’ property and dishonest conduct."

Now, Bivens seems to have bigger fish to fry... though the $100,000 seems to be remaining invisible.

Washougal City Government. You get something out of it whether you go there or not.

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  1. What happened to Mr. Russell's "ELECT JON RUSSELL" website?

  2. Good question. It's been down for awhile now.

  3. here's a new one - Jon boy made slanderous comments at Washougal City Council Monday night about a potential candidate for Planning Commission, lawyers have probably had to be hired. Nice work Jon, way to look after our tax dollars - not!