Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's see... Jon Russell's campaign facebook page disappears... and so does the fabulous TeacherJudyBanks' facebook page!

It's not terribly surprising that Russell would get rid of his campaign Facebook page... and his rather moronic "truthonjonrussell.com page" (cached here) after all, after such an abysmal effort, who'd want to keep THAT around?

But guess who else's is missing?

That's right! Teacher.... Judy.... BANKS!!!!

Banks, of course, was Jon Russell using a fake identity. It's the kind of thing the local rag has attempted to crucify me over, but what they hey, Russell ain't me (Thank God) and so even though the Columbian knows he's used a fake name to post on their web site and Russell is still an elected official (Unfortunately) the rag gave him a pass for lying about his education, lying about his wife being a doctor and the use of the fake name.

Russell also had a campaign volunteer named Steve Jones who use the ID "Alexis Classic" to play Cheech to Russell's Chong.

But connecting the dots was too easy when this popped up on his now defunct facebook page:

That confirmed that Russell and Banks were the same person. Though Banks' posting time was cut off by my picture, it was the exact same time as Russell's response.

Confirming that he and Banks are the same person happened the moment Russell removed the post and his response to it, screen captured here, both from his facebook page and the "Banks" Facebook page.

And now... both Russell's campaign facebook page and the fake persona Russell made up, Banks, is gone with him.

Of course, this may be a result of Russell again being outed on the Political Blog on the cancer on our local society...

Hey Nailingit, I have wonderful news for you. Its the 21st century and progressivism has run its wicked course. Your political beliefs are irrelevant now because they have brought nothing but financial ruin and social decay.

teacherjudybanks — September 11, 2010 at 3:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Just googled you Jon Russell (a.k.a. teacherjudybanks). Just how pervasive and dishonest can a politician be? Mr. Russell, you not only give a black eye to the already battered, beat up, and out of control GOP, but humanity dictates that you should just step aside.If you can't be trusted to use your own identity, please don't advertise as a teacher.

nailingit — September 12, 2010 at 4:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

So... Russell is trying to cover his tracks with a semi-endorsement over 3 weeks from the election he lost... and he's so wrapped up in himself that he AGAIN used that fake identity?

How bizarre is this?

Russell has a plan. He smells a vacancy. He's rehabing his image to go after that vacancy. That's the only reason he's making nice with Rivers.

Unfortunately for Jon, putting on another face when you've just completed... badly... such a horrific, lying, underhanded campaign... well, no amount of shoveling will be able to cover that.

And I'm here to tell you: if a vacancy occurs... it ain't gonna be filled by Russell.

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