Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher Judy Banks endorses Ann Rivers!

Responding to a massive amount of pressure from this blog and many other sources, Jon Russell has finally.... finally... endorsed Ann Rivers.

Russell, with a history of using fake identities to attack others around the internet, frequently utilized the fake name "TeacherJudyBanks" while commenting on The Columbian web site beginning with Brancaccio's bizarre columns about me.

Russell and a campaign volunteer of his posting under the fake name of "Alexis Classic" utilized those opportunities to write things about me that first, they'd never in a million years dream about saying to my face and second, to go along with Brancaccio's moronic idea that Rivers needed to be held accountable for, well, me.

So, when you consider the garbage that Russell, under the fake identity of someone else wrote about Rivers... not to mention his winged monkeys Gary Wiram and Steve Jones, it's only fair to point out that after trashing Rivers and taking over 3 weeks from losing the election as WELL as being identified as working with democrat Dennis Kampe because he lost... that it was, in fact, Russell's alter-ego TeacherJudyBanks who put out the hollow, late endorsement of Rivers' candidacy.

Many are wondering why now. Others, with deliberate acts of ignorance, refer to Russell's endorsement as a "class act," ignoring Russell's campaign of lies and deceit.

Well, the why of it is easy.

There's a buzz out there that if Dino Rossi wins, he's taking Zarelli with him.

That would create a vacancy in the Senate. The natural sequence of events under those circumstances is to move up the senior of the two House members from the same party to that position, in this case, Rep. Ed Orcutt, a move I would certainly support.

Such a move would result in a House vacancy. And Jon Russell wants to win by appointment that which he could not, and will never be able to win at the ballot box: a seat in the State House.

That, of course, is why Russell has allowed county commissioner Steve Stuart to use some of his sign locations and wood, as discussed here.

Russell thinks he can cut a deal with Stuart and get Stuart to influence the democrat commissioner vote in Cowlitz, not unlike the deal McMorris cut with Marc Boldt to get Jaime Herrera appointed.

Since for right now, the 18th is Charley's Country to the Dems (That is, a solidly Republican area they know they can't win) the dem commissioners in Russell's mind won't care who gets the job.

Of course, Russell has two problems with this scenario:

First, if someone from Cowlitz runs and makes the top 3, the commissioners up there would pretty much have to ignore Stuart and vote for that candidate.

Second, I'm a PCO. And as long as I'm a PCO, there is no way Russell will make it into the top 3.

Other then that, it's a great plan.

So, thanks to TaeacherJudyBanks for getting on board. It wouldn't have mattered in this cycle what Russell did, one way or another: even if he had as is rumored, sent out a mailer endorsing Kampe, no one would have voted for a union democrat as a result.

So, here's a memo to Jon:

*I* know what the deal is, and so will everyone else. The reasons you couldn't get elected this time haven't magically disappeared; you're still unfit to be elected to any position... or appointed. And coming in 3rd in a primary isn't going to allow you to overcome the lies, exaggerations, incompetence or your history of working for huge tax increases to enable you to get such an appointment.

Because every PCO you lied to in the 18th District meeting back in May will remember it... since I will do all I can to remind them.

Hopefully, Zarelli will stay put, and then I can avoid this unpleasantness. Otherwise...

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