Friday, September 9, 2011

Congrats to Washougal City Councilman Jon Russell, who just today finally got one of those degrees hes been lying about.

A few days ago, I pointed out that Jon Russell, failed congressional and state representative candidate, fake Christian and Washougal City Councilman had been again busted for lying about his educational achievements.

This, of course, follows closely on the heels of the admission of his wife that Russell had, in fact, been using multiple aliases on multiple locations on the internet to attack his political opponents and to support his political allies... all because he never wanted people to know who he was.

As a part of his earlier lies about his education, detailed and documented both here and on Jon Russell Watch, I had contacted the school in question, one Thomas Edison State University, to discover he had, in fact, not achieved any degree of any kind.

Being reminded of his fundamental dishonesty, and having seen that, once again he was claiming to have degrees he DID NOT HAVE.... I AGAIN contacted the school to see if he, in fact, had achieved either of the degrees he'd claimed on his Facebook page... knowing in advance that they weren't real... to see if a guy who had NO degree a year ago had suddenly managed to get a bachelor degree while working, etc.

The school, as I knew full well they would, AGAIN confirmed they had not awarded Russell ANY degree.

Until today.

The AAS degree in basketweaving (During the campaign, his lie was that he'd scammed a nonexistent AA degree in political science... a degree this school does not offer.) was given out.... TODAY.

So, congratulations to Jon Russell, who no longer has to lie about having SOME degree... even if it's not the bachelor degree he, for whatever the reason, wants everyone to THINK he has.

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  1. check out the bio of his #1 candidate, Connie Joe Freeman- she makes some pretty big claims too........... till you check a little deeper.

  2. Jon's got a new name. He is now also humblecitizen on the Post record site.

  3. humblecitizen is actually an old one for Jon. His newest is "petra" and he's using that one the Camas Washougal Post Record-

  4. Folks, please include links to specific articles. I can't seem to find those names being used in the PR.