Thursday, September 1, 2011

Russell lying about his education... again.

I've never really understood why Jon Russell has insisted on lying about his education.

I mean, after all, it's not disgraceful or anything, and do you REALLY believe that anyone marking a ballot with his name (or endorsement, for that matter) ever marked it for him or one of his winged monkeys because of his fake education?

Well, I had a little chat with his school... and, low and behold, Russell does not have either degree listed on his facebook page.

Let me repeat that.

The two degrees that Jon Russell lists have not been awarded to Jon Russell.

Now, that is not to say that Russell hasn't completed his correspondence courses for the AAS in Criminal Justice.... he has. But the degree will not be awarded until September 9.

And that IS to say that Russell does NOT have this degree, a listed "BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness," nor has he come close to completing it, which begs the issue: Why is he listing it?

The latest in a series of exaggerations, lies and twists of the truth.

You would have thought he'd have learned from the LAST time I caved his butt in over lying about his education.

Talk about an unforced error.


  1. Guess I have read this wrong. Not sure what the author is getting at. It makes perfect sense to me.

    Jon has "B.S." in Homeland...... The initials just aren't for Bachelor of Science.

    Makes perfect sense.

  2. Jon must be a follower of your site.. His FB page is almost completely private now.

  3. Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure his middle name will never be "transparency."

    And, since he's so predictable, that's why I did a screen capture.

  4. This guy is just amazing, and I don't mean that in a complimentary way. Meanwhile, the Columbian just keeps quiet about it all....

  5. Jon Russell, Washougal City Council person, wow- is Washougal just cursed or what? They can't seem to find good people to have in there government- and now he is pushing two more for some kind of takeover attempt...... wow, again.

  6. Interesting Jon is holding a coffee cup in his fb page picture above. I wonder if that is one of the many cups of coffee from local coffee shops that Jon always seemed to forget to pay for.........

  7. So, if Jon Russell got the city to pay $1,000+ for training (see below story and comments on his candidates fake degrees), would that not be Jon benefitting from public monies? What if he claimed that training as part of his soon to be conferred correspondence degree? Does that not make it a person gain of public funds? Is that not a valid reason for a recall of this jerk?

  8. Shoemaker screams about unnecessary spending of public funds but it's ok when one of his buddies is up for a piece of it. The bigger question for me is why the Council puts up with this toad's behavior? I don't get it. In most any other city- the council or the mayor would be tearing this little napoleon to shreds-