Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Russell's puppet, Caryn Plinski, never even attended a city council meeting until 10 days ago.

Now, I get that someone as mentally unbalanced as Jon Russell could have a certain "Jim Jones-Guyana" effect on some people.

After all, the more ignorant believe him to be both truthful and honorable... and, as I have proven over the months, he's neither of either.

But apparently, a completely empty suit who hadn't even attended a city council meeting for the 6 years she's lived in Washougal; who has no prior elected or government service, who has no education having anything to do with government (You'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Jon?) and no experience in business, no community service for the city she loves so much and, well, no qualification of any kind save a desire to be failed congressional candidate/failed state representative candidate Jon Russell's bitch on the Washougal City Council appears to be the best Russell can do.

The article in the PR had some startling revelations about Plinski, including the fact that she hadn't ever bothered to attend a city council meeting until the 17th of September.

That, of course, means she has no depth of understanding about the history, dynamics or issues confronting the council, save those hand-fed to her by Psycho Johnny.

The article describes a clueless woman with no idea what she's doing:

To cut costs, Plinksi said the city should review its paid positions, and determine what is and isn’t necessary. She cited the recent approval by City Council to fill the newly created assistant to the city administrator as questionable.

“The city is currently functioning without the position,” she said. “Do they really need it, even if it is a lower cost?”

Plinski then qualified her statement by saying that she might need more information about the issue, but then added: “If I was on council, I would really take a strong look at needs versus wants.”

Plinski did not identify examples of other areas where spending could be reduced, instead saying that if elected she would enter the annual budget development process with an open mind; any potential cuts would need to be considered individually.

I absolutely admit that I don't know either of the Russell Stable who he's doing his very best to pack the council with... all, of course, so he can make an effort to become the defacto mayor since he could never get the job any other way.

She may be a(and likely is) a very nice person. But that she worked for yet another of Russell's miserable campaign efforts shows she's totally drank the Russell kool aid, combined with her complete lack of knowledge or involvement in city government makes her completely unqualified to hold elective office in Washougal.

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