Saturday, August 27, 2011

Russell: Christian?

A lot of Jon and Sarah Russell's shtick is their alleged "Christian" lives.

First, I believe that Jon Russell is as much a Christian as my Cavalier Spaniel.

As a general rule, Christians neither lie, nor cheat, not steal, nor allow a misleading silence to continue.

Odd then, isn't it, that every time he posts using a fake name to attack a political opponent or support a political ally, Jon Russell is, well, lying. Every time he told us he had a degree, he was, well, lying. Every time he referred to Sarah Russell as a doctor or physician, he was, well, lying.

Not very Christian of you, Jon.

And Sarah's failure to confirm both that she is the source of the comment posted here and that Jon has been posting under various fake names for years?

That's not very Christian of you, either.

Integrity is hard to come by in the political world these days. But for a couple involved in politics, and particularly when one of them is an elected official who holds himself up to be special because of his alleged religious foundations... to lie this way, to mislead this way... to neither confirm nor deny this way?

I think both of you are going to have a lot to answer for.

For a Christian, telling the truth is not a sometimes thing. For posers who turn that stuff on and off like a switch?

Not so much.

Situational ethics as opposed to spiritual. It's what's for dinner.


  1. Jon Russell is nothing more than an immature egotistical child who is caught up in his own disillusions.

    The fact that he created something that brought Sarah into it all is sad and disappointing. I feel sorry for her. You would think that Jon, being the "good" man that he is, would publically say something to ease her burden.

    But nope, that's not Jon. Pathetic person.

  2. There is a reason for "Separation of Church and State".

    But those lines are blurred now with the current trend of the Christian Right.

    Politics, like life, is a pendulum. It will swing back the other way in time. The only real problem is that so much damage can happen with a too-far Right swing.

    Young Mr. Russell is under educated, too self centered, and has grave integrity problems. Why the City of Washougal tolerates him and his power moves in their own Council is the bigger question I believe.

  3. Kelly, please keep pushing on these issues. Russell needs to go back to whereever he came from. Fast.

  4. This is roughly the end of the second year of JRW... and it's not going anywhere.

    I don't expect perfection from anyone, let alone those running for office.

    But the idea that Russell is somebody special because he's got his slick act down pat about being a conservative... and being a Christian... is utter nonsense.

    As long as Russell has any involvement, directly or indirectly, in the political realm around here, Jon Russell Watch will keep the microscope directly centered on him.

  5. My biggest worry now is not this egomaniac young man, Russell, but more so the people I have heard "he is behind- Freeman and Plinksi"
    Who now do we believe? I don't like this. Its not right- they should only be running for themselvs and not Russell nor any religious thing either.