Monday, September 19, 2011

Russell reemerges from under his rock... on Facebook, anyway.

Having been clobbered and outed by his own wife concerning his disreputable habit of assuming multiple identities to attack his political opponents and support those he's running, Jon Russell went dark for a few weeks, waiting for the latest scandal concerning his conduct to blow over.

It won't, of course, because of this here internet thingy. It will always be here, following him around.

Well, he's finally re-emerged.

His facebook page is back up, his bizarre "kibbutz" page is back up so he can attack the mayor... but the rest, Jon Russell Blog, the Political Artist Blog (Seriously? Like he'd know?) and his LAUGHINGLY titled "Restoring Trust in Government" effort... still gone.

I honestly believe that to be a shame. Jon's blogs were a major part of the grist for my mill, and they're missed for that reason.

Freedom of Speech is a beautiful thing and I URGE him to exercise it.

And Jon, while a 35 year old cosmetics saleswoman and shill for you might make a fine councilwoman, my guess is that it won't be either any time soon, or in Washougal, thanks to you.

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  1. your new format is difficult to read

  2. This white background format is better for reading. Thank you. I find the content is much the same however..... and as sad and upsetting.

  3. Russell's attacks on the mayor are nothing new. Just insert the name of whatever mayor you like. People just need to face the fact that Jon Russell has an ego problem - the wants and needs to be in charge, yet he is too immature to ever get there.

    Even if he lives to 100, he will be too immature. He just needs to fade away and take his brand of negative, manipulative politics with him. Repeatedly he just gets caught up in creating negative publicity where only positive should own the day. But, that's Jon. Immature.

  4. "I find the content is much the same however..... and as sad and upsetting."

    Such is the nature of the subject in question.

  5. He has also crawled out from under his blogging rock. Jon Russell is having a MAJOR meltdown right now on the CW Post Record story sites. Stories and letters to the editor.

    This guy is going over the edge.

  6. I used to believe that if Russell would just get away from the political... get away from the very nature of this business that seems to have completely co-opted his integrity and honor... and allow himself to heal before he gets involved again.

    He's got the tools. he can speak, he can articulate, he can plan, he can present. But his motivation, his desire for attention, his penchant for self-aggrandizement... it's almost as bad as Brancaccio's.

    If only he could see where he's gone wrong and get himself back on the right course.

    But he sees himself as a Karl Rove-ian level expert on politics and believes himself to be an individual above the rules that govern the rest of us.

    And when I know that to be a fact, as I do in this case.... then I have to act.

    "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing," or words to that effect.