Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looks like Russell has gone over the edge.

There's an article on the Camas Washougal Post Record web site concerning the $100,000 that vaporized under Jon Russell's nose.

Russell was chair of the Washougal finance committee when Stacy Sellers had a wild weekend in Vegas, most of which Russell signed off for, and when $100,000 in city money mysteriously vaporized.

(And no, for aficionados, I'm not alleging that Russell took the money... just that his incompetence helped make it disappear. He, of course, bears absolutely no responsibility for that disappearance... just ask him.)

The article brings everyone up to date on the issues... and tells the folks that, well, no one seems to know where the money went or who took it, but that on some level or another, the
investigation continuuuuuues.

But that's not the point of this post.

Earlier, Jon's wife, Sarah, outed him for using false identities to comment on newspaper and other sites.

The strangest part of her admission wasn't that Russell had been using fake names to attack his political opponents.... most everyone involved in politics locally has been aware of that, litterally, for years.

No, the strangest part of her comment was that he hadn't been doing that "for over 6 months."
SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months.
Which brings us to this article... where Russell uses TWO fake names and even refers to himself in the 3rd person:

Well, Jon Russell (polis) should know where this money is. After all, he was the chairman of the finance committee when all of this was taking place. He MUST have some idea, wouldn't you think?

Yes, Get'em and string him up. You get the pitch fork Striker, I'll grab the rubber mallet. Got an extra cigar? You wear your stupid looking sailor hat and I'll wear my silly red nose. Meet you down at Shelby's for drinks afterwards.

Nice, Jon. I thought your wife said you didn't post under aliases anymore.

What, you not on board captain? I thought you said he knows where $100,000 is..That's a handsome sum......I thought you were ready to go with me....Let's go get'em.

Point being, Jon, is that if proper records had been kept and maintained, then reviewed by the Finance Committee appropriately, there wouldn't be a question of where the money was, now would there?

How much intelligence does it take to figure out there is a problem if you hold an event or program that requires fees to be collected and you show no revenue, eh?

But Striker you said, Russell (polis) should know where this money is..So let's stop playing around and go get the SOB. I mean obviously if the council could not find the money, the city finance director could not find the money and the State Auditor could not find the money.....the obvious conclusion is that Russell knows where the money is...He probably has it in his freezer, so let's go.

I find it quite disturbing that you refer to yourself in the third person while posting as an alias that you have told your wife you no longer use. Have the marbles completely rolled away now, Jon?

Striker, Come on man, quit playing around. You stepped to the plate and pulled back on the bat but now your going to bunt? Let's go get that money. If my calculations are correct Russell probably split the loot with Sellers and so he probably has at least a good portion of it left. You can grab him from behind and I'll slap him upside the head with his fake diploma until he talks. His fake doctor wife can take care of him after we rough him up a little. We can do this thing.

I think it is really a shame that people of Washougal and all over East County have to subjected to the likes of Jon Russell and his aliases as he pokes fun at all of us, will not admit to his part in the missing funds of money, and basically thumbs his nose at all of us with these actions.

Anyone reading this- why does he get away with this kind of behavior? Why does he support Connie Jo Freeman, Caryn Plinkski and no one says "Boo" about this? Why does he take money from David Madore and it's ok? Doesn't anyone care?

I find this all very sad and distressing for Washougal.

Last night I attended a City Council meeting in Camas. It was a long one and very tense. And do you know what? Everyone acted like gentleman and ladies, everyone got their say, and no was upset even when a 7/0 came down against someone's wishes. And do you know why? Because it was very apparent to everyone, the side opposed to the project and the side in favor for the project, that everything was fair, above board, and all the city codes were followed. Newcomer City Councilman Tim Hazen said it best for me as he said out loud to the audience, "I want everyone to know NO ONE on the council as talked before hand about this issue and we all come here tonight to give our individual opinions and vote fairly". (or words to that effect)

Isn't this the kind of government that the people of Washougal want also?

When we all vote in this coming election I hope everyone reading this remembers how are Washougal Council acts, who is trying to do good for Washougal and who is trying just to promote themselves for another office or their own private agendas, who comes regularly to city council meetings, and who fights all the time and just stops Washougal from functioning well.

Please do this. Please remember and vote accordingly to whom you believe, in your hearts, is representing you the best in our town of Washougal and who wears funny masks, talks under different names, and support two complete unknown's for office.

For my vote, I plan to vote to keep Molly Coston and Rod Morris!

Mike Briggs Washougal

(my real name)

This kind of acting out is just... well... bizarre.

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  1. I don't think what Mike Briggs said is bizarre! I think he is just upset and frustrated- like a lot of us in Washougal!

  2. I was referring to Russell's acting out under his numerous aliases, not Briggs' measured response.