Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jon, the answer is "no."

I get that you hate being stuck as a Washougal City Councilman and you want to dump your constituents there as soon as you possibly can.

I get that you know that Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-Kalama) will likely be re-districted out... meaning there's an open seat to be had.

I get that you're hanging out with Madore so you can access his checkbook.

I get that you want to make nice with Rep. Ann Rivers (R-La Center) who beat you like a rented step child in the last election you were in.

Now, I don't/can't speak for Rep. Rivers. But my guess is, the answer is going to be "no."

See, Rivers likely knows you helped out democrat Dennis Kampe after you were embarrassed in the last primary (Who Rivers destroyed in the general, in excess of a 60-40 vote, the equivalent of a political massacre) and that you definitely did help fellow slimeball Keath Huff with his sick effort to silence me because I insisted on beating the political hell out of his girl, Ridgefield Barbie.

She likely knows of your incompetence and inability to accept responsibility... for anything... concerning the debacle of the missing $100,000 (gone on your watch) along with your eagerness to toss Sellers under a bus when YOU were in charge of the city finance committee... Along with the hiring of your buddy as finance director (Is he in jail yet?) while NONE of that was your responsibility, because if you ever made a mistake, you'd certainly never be man enough to admit it.

Those kinds of things don't go away, and why would Rivers want a back-stabbing liar as her seatmate in the Legislature?

See, Jon, the problem for you is this: I told you to your face back in the Summer of '09 during that bizarre congressional run of yours that I didn't want you in my government, and nothing's changed, except you've lied more, cheated more and been more dishonest. You even now, having been outed by your own wife, you CONTINUE to use fake names on newspaper sites to attack those who oppose you and support those you like... and yourself, of course.

The moment you start campaigning for this, I'm gonna kick it into gear. Every public event. Every letter to the editor. Every time you turn around, Jon Russell Watch is going to be there.

The people will know everything they need to when it comes to you.

Look forward to it.

Cross posted at Clark County Politics.


  1. Ann Rivers detests Jon Russell. It will make no matter to her that he tried to kiss up to her on his own little blog. She knows what he is and she will not tolerate him.

  2. Kelly, why do you get all the fun! Let some of us help bury this whiner!