Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where does Jon Russell Live? Sources tell me his home is empty.

Interesting. a few months back, I received pictures allegedly from the inside of his house as it was, apparently, up for sale.

Now, it seems, the Russell home is empty. Has he moved out of town?

I'd also heard buzz that he was looking for references for a job in Oregon.

Is it possible he's no longer even a Washougal resident?

Fascinating questions that deserve to be answered.


  1. So Jon took down his alias bloggings and now his home is vacant?

    Shades of Stacy Sellars?

  2. I just went to Jon's Washougal Kibbutz blogsite (what is with that name? Does he like to butt in alot on people or card games?).

    Anyway, went to the site to see if he posted another press release with breaking news about his new address.......the blog site is now blocked off. You have to register and be admitted before you can view the site. Guess THAT will be a quiet corner of the blog-world from here on out!

  3. He had a fairly large garage sale a few weekends ago. A lot of items- beds, furniture, etc. for sale.

  4. Well, the "cache" feature of google isn't his friend here... heh.

  5. I just received some information from a good and reliable source that Jon Russell and family have moved out of their home in Washougal but have relocated to another Washougal residence. So, he is still residing within the city limits of Washougal.

    Politics aside I am sure we all would wish the Russell family well and to find happiness in their new home.

    Mike Briggs

  6. I'd really wish them well if Jon left... either left politics or left here.