Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look, I know that Jon has a vivid imagination, but these canned letters to the editor? Please.

These things are popping up like a recurring skin disease.

Yeah, Russell does have a proven track record.

Whenever Jon Russell makes this bizarre claim that he is not a career politician, he's lying.

Along with that, he has a proven track record of questionable competence. A proven track record of getting paid thousands by the Port in their effort to jack our taxes up in the highest local property tax increase in our history. A proven track record of using the Constitution as a campaign prop, just like has used his horrific tenure as a Washougal city councilman as a campaign prop.

Washougal is a train wreck thanks in part to Russell, and he's bailing out as fast as he can; first with a miserable campaign for Congress, and now in an equally miserable campaign for state representative, abandoning the poor suckers who voted for him in the last election where he was running for two offices at the same time.

So, there you go. If you want a proven track record of lying, if you want a proven track record of support for massive tax increases, if you want a proven track record of malfeasance, if you want a proven track record of avoiding responsibility, if you want a career politician, if you want to support someone who called me to ask for an opponent's social security number so he could use that information to hurt them... then Russell is you guy.

Odd that none of his supporters talk about that, isn't it?

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