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So, the PDC sends out an email reminder to EVERY candidate yesterday...

A fond HELLO! to all of you coming over here from The Jon Russell sleaze blog, a complete rip-off and my name sake "kellyhintonwatch."

Most of the information about me and Ann Rivers located on Russell's sewer is completely false, partially false, or wildly exaggerated. Who I am and my history makes as much difference to Ann's candidacy as who the sleazeballs are involved in the Russell Campaign.

Does it really matter that Russell pays Gary Wiram to do character assassination and hit pieces without mentioning that Russell is paying him? Does it matter that some little psycho is running "kellyhintonwatch," or that I know who she is?

No. Not really.

Jon Russell is a liar of almost psychopathic proportiions. And to prove it, one of the big differences between the sleaze factory Russell's "consultant" is running and my blogs are that each and every allegation I have against Russell is linked and proven. I have it as a personal policy, offered to anyone, the right to contact me and offer evidence that I have it wrong; in which case I would offer them the ability to correct the statements I make, unedited by me.

And you know what?

To this day, neither Russell nor Herrera ever have.

So, when the mystery writer who thinks we don't know who she is writes:
Stop and think about that….Jaime got the 50% +1 support needed to get the #1 spot in the appointment process from the grassroots on the first ballot in a field of 13 total candidates. That is an impressive accomplishment.
And she's lying through her teeth (there were, in fact, more then one ballot taken and needed to achieve that... although, come to think of it, Jon Russell WAS ELIMINATED on the first ballot. I would know, since I was there, and the simple idiot writing her garbage wasn't) I take the opportunity to point out that when I write "what kind of man would do that," I either provide personal knowledge (what Russell has personally said to me) or I link to the evidence.:
The kind of man that would ask for someone's social security number to do them harm.

The kind of man who would deliberately violate the law of this state's Public Disclosure Act.

The kind of man who would send out canned letters as part of a campaign ploy, acting as if they were spontaneous expressions for support of this clown.

The kind of man who would deny any responsibility for the debacle of Washougal City Government that HE, PERSONALLY, is responsible for.

The kind of man who would deny us the right to choose our own candidates, and who, were he to get his way, deny us the right to vote for people like Joe Zatrelli, Ed Orcutt, Don Benton, Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke.

The kind of man who would lie to others about the role he's played in working to stop the Cowlitz Casino.

The kind of man who would lie to the Precinct Committee Officers of this district about how much money he's raised and what his wife's job is.

The kind of man who would talk a great game about illegal aliens, but not even bother to show up to speak at or listen to the Woodland Resolution debate about that very subject.

The kind of man who claims to be a conservative, but who made thousands trying to ram the Vancouver Port Levy down our throats... like any other political mercenary.

The kind of man who would leave Washougal's government in a mess with a missing $100,000 so he could climb another step on his political career ladder.

The kind of man who would hire an unbondable buddy as Washougal's city finance director.

The kind of man who would support that horrific bridge replacement/loot rail plan that will blow a $100,000,000 a year hole in our local economy.

The kind of man who would lie about someone personally in an effort to discredit them.

The kind of man who would take balloons away from kids because they had the wrong logo on them.

The kind of man who would take credit for getting rid of Sellers while failing to explain his cowardly silence while she was still around.

The kind of man who would attack others for being the very thing he, himself, is: a career politician.

The kind of man who would constantly portray his wife as a doctor, even advertising that lie, when she clearly is not.

The kind of man who would lie about getting a college degree.

The kind of man who would deliberately violate state Public Disclosure Commission law.... and violate that law for months.
Her blog, done at the complete behest of Jon Russell, is rife with inaccuracy and a total and complete pass for Russell's lies and deceit. Few links. Although she was certainly intelligent enough (?) to link to the blog with the most damaging evidence available against the guy paying her, certainly fails to back up much of her blather. (Note to Jon: I DO hope she gives you your money back. It's hard to believe you're actually paying for this.)

THAT said, I DO appreciate her efforts to (along with that of others) drive up my readership.

So relax. Sit a spell. Cruise around and enjoy reading about the many reasons that Jon Russell is not only unfit to be a state representative, he is unfit to hold ANY elective office.

Thanks for coming by!

Now, back to the post that has been briefly interrupted for that PSA:


A few days ago, CCP filed a PDC complaint against Jon Russell.

Russell, best known for an abortive congressional campaign and working so diligently to screw up Washougal city government, isn't the most transparent campaigner you're ever going to see.

In fact, Russell has, to this point, filed manually in a deliberate effort to cover up his donations and expenditures, all the while knowing (and hence, all the while violating PDC law) that he would have expenditures in excess of $10,000.

That was complaint Number One of Five.

One of the immediate results of filing this complaint seems to be this:
From: Jennifer Hansen []
Sent: Thursday,
June 24, 2010 5:32 PM
Subject: PDC Filing Reminder - Weekly C-3s
Importance: High

A filing reminder from the PDC for 2010 candidates and their treasurers:


Mailed reports are filed when they are postmarked; electronically filed reports are filed when they are transmitted. E-filed reports can be submitted 24 hours a day. Any
candidate may e-file contribution and expenditure reports, candidates who spend or expect to spend $10,000 must e-file their reports.*

How cool is that?

I file this complaint against Russell, and 2 days later, this pops out.

Regardless; as of this writing, Russell chooses to continue to break the law while continuing to run an opaque campaign.

Oddly, I never believed that campaign laws were mere suggestions. Apparently, Russell, who, as chair of the Washougal Finance Committee oversaw every aspect of the Stacee Sellers debacle, doesn't agree.

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