Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: So, who's still breaking the PDC law in the 18th District this week?

Earlier, I had posted this:
Regular readers already know that CCP has filed complaints against two candidates in the 18th District. So, here we are a few days later.... let's see how they're doing now, shall we?

First was Anthony Bittner, who really doesn't want to be the state representative from the 18th District unless someone hands it to him like a chalupa at Taco Time.

Bittner has failed to file anything since the 27th of May. While not required to file C-3's if he hasn't made any deposits, which is something of a euphemism for "if he's so lame he can't raise any money," he's still required to file for his expenditures.

On June 10th, Bittner was required to file a C-4 for that purpose. According to the records, he's filed nothing.
This is an error on my part; Bittner in fact filed two C-4's within 48 hours of the CCP complaint filing... although it is bizarre that according to his filing for April (submitted 44 days late) Bittner indicated he had zero expenses of any kind.

Clark County Politics regrets the error, and since Bittner is now in complaince, will not be filing further complaints aginst his campaign at this point.


Next was Jon Russell. Russell, in direct violation of PDC requirements, has been filing his paperwork manually instead of electronically.

Even though he and every other candidate was warned by the PDC via email on Friday, he's STILL choosing to break the law by failing to file electronically.

That's just one of many of Russell's violations, detailed here:

But how someone who has sworn an oath to uphold the law as an abysmal example of an elected officials in the Train Wreck known as Washougal should expect anyone to support him when they are deliberately breaking that law is beyond me.

Tomorrow, presuming these issues aren't rectified, I will file an additional PDC Complaint against each of these candidates, as they continue on in their journey of disrespecting the law they tell us that we should send them up to Olympia to make.

Fat Chance.

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  1. He is probably out buying another gun. He needs to protect his business against any person wanting to use government money to pay for their health care..Oh wait, I am wrong he does take government money..

  2. Restoring faith in government? First, we'd have to have faith in Jon...that's a tough climb.