Friday, June 18, 2010

So, in the 18th, who's breaking the law?

That's today's quiz question: who is filing on time for the Public Disclosure Commission and who isn't?

Well, let's take a look, shall we?

Filing C-3's (donation reports) were due on the 7th and 14th.

Who filed for those dates?

Well, Ann Rivers did. Brandon Vick did. Dennis Kampe KINDA did. But he missed his June 7 filing... and then got it in a little late. He filed a C-4 on June 7, but no C-3.

What about the rest of the candidates? Who's breaking the law?

Anthony Bittner? Check. He hasn't filed a thing since April 27th.

Jon Russell? Check. He was supposed to file C-3's on the 14th, according to this:

June 1 Begin filing C-3 reports weekly, each Monday, for deposits made during
previous 7 days (Monday thru Sunday)
Russell's filing manually in an effort to make it a little more difficult to find out that he's paying off congressional debt with state representative campaign funds... something of a definite no-no. And, of course, the second he's able to find enough suckers to get him up over $10,000, (You know, the same $10,000 he claimed to have already raised to the PCO's on May 22nd? THAT $10,000?) he's going to have to retroactively file his entire campaign electronically.

But then, Russell's never been one about true transparency, has he?

And where's his filing for the 14th?

No where.

Hiding things as a part of your campaign isn't all that great of a strategy. Paying for things with state funds that are prohibited for a federal race... also not cool.

Paying someone (Gary Wyram) to do hit pieces under the guise of disinterested bystander for We The People without him indicating that he's being paid to do it?

Typically Russell. And typically unethical and scummy.

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