Monday, June 7, 2010

Man, when Russell lies... he goes whole hog!

Having sat in the group where Russell spoke only to hear him lie about his wife's job (No Jon, she's not a "physician," she is, instead, a "physician's assistant,") I know the guy is fully capable of lying, but this is a beaut:

While babbling about some endorsement or another from people who obviously don't know him, Russell was quoted thusly:
“I am honored to receive this endorsement. Eagle Forum is confronting the social & fiscal challenges of our day with conservative ideas and values that I believe in wholeheartedly," said Jon Russell.
Do these poor people know about your lies? Do they know your using your current position on the Washougal City Council as a campaign prop?
Do they know about your involvement in the campaign FOR one of the, if not THE biggest tax increases in local history for the Port, money their E.D. said they didn't even need?

Do they know that you and two others were in charge of the Washougal credit card review when Sellers abused them so badly, to little or no known complaint from you until the lid blew off?

Do they know that you were siting on the city council of Washougal while $100,000 vaporized?

Do they know that as a city council member, YOU were involved in hiring a questionable finance director?

Do they know you, personally, are doing everything you can, which has included missing votes on city council, to get another gig and ditch the people who elected you, in the midst of your congressional campaign, to another term?
Fake conservatism and dishonorable conduct such as yours isn't anything *I* would endorse you for, and that these people seems to be (I'll be emailing them to find out for sure, since their website doesn't mention you) and so they'll have a little more information to make an informed decision on endorsements.

You see, Jon, "conservatism" isn't something you put ion and take off like a jacket. Instead, it's something you wear all the time. And no true conservative would keep these people in the dark about your whole package... and not just the parts you want them to know about.


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