Saturday, August 6, 2011

What? A bogus Jon Russell endorsement? Reason enough to vote for anyone else.

If ever there were a reason to vote against someone in a primary, Jon Russell has provided it.

Russell, best known for his disastrous campaigns for Congress and the 18th district last year wherein he lied about having a college degree, lied about his fund raising, repeatedly violated PDC laws in his deliberate failures to properly report, sat in overwatch of the Washougal disaster that was Stacy Sellers while $100,000 mysteriously vaporized in front of his own eyes AND worked hard to get the largest single tax increase in area history passed in the form of the Port Levy, who pad him 5 figures to work on their EQUALLY disastrous campaign, has endorsed his campaign office manager for Washougal City Council.

I read the babble of his endorsement, located here: Oddly, he fails to mention his relationship to her for some reason, because the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a completely arcane concept to this caricature of a politician who turns that "conservative Christian" thing on and off like a switch.

Folks, there is a reason that he didn't mention she at least used to work for him. The fact that I am unable to find any other endorsements from anyone speaks for itself.

In everything from multiple fake identities on blog and newspaper articles so he can engage in character assassination anonymously to failing to accept ANY responsibility for the train wreck that is Washougal City Government, Russell's endorsement SHOULD be the kiss of death to any politician... including this one.

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