Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Russell's problems continue: Freeman has an UNACCREDITED "bachelor's degree," Plinski, apparently, hasn't submitted her LifePac survey.

In all the years Jon Russell has done such a miserable job in elective politics, you would have thought he'd have vetted his pet candidates a little better.

He's got two, you know: Connie Jo Freeman who the democratian lists Freeman as having been the office manager for Russell's moronic congressional run. Think in terms of being a steward on the Titanic.

The other is Caryn Plinski, woman of mystery. I say "woman of mystery" because she doesn't seem to have bothered to put up a campaign website and she doesn't seem to have even bothered to return her LifePac survey.

Run a google search on her, and you come up with practically nothing. Nothing about her qualifications (Cosmetics sales really isn't all that on a resume' for city council) and very little on her positions. Nothing about her education (or lack thereof) a sensitive subject for Jon Russell, who lied repeatedly that he had a bachelor's degree when he had no degree of any kind. (file this under the "no lie he won't tell" category.

Russell, who owns both Freeman and Plinski like the 13th Amendment was a suggestion, is shilling her as hard as he can. But given his rank political incompetence, that ain't all that much.

Meanwhile, back to Connie Jo Freeman.

Because of Russell's involvement in her campaign (He's running every aspect of it; she's just doing what he tells her) I thought I'd look at her claim of having a a rather nebulous "bachelor's degree" from something called "Southern California Community Bible College, Long Beach, CA."

So, I looked it up.

It doesn't exist.

Something called "California Bible University, Norwalk, CA" exists, but not that place.

There is, in fairness, reference to something called "Southern California Community Bible College" on the web. But is Long Beach in Norwalk? HHhmmmmm...

That said, the question I have is this: is this a fully accredited school? Or is it Matchbook University?

Well, it appears to be Matchbook University since they have no academic accreditation I could find.

What is it about Russell and education? Why does he insist on exaggerating his own, and why do others around him frequently fail to tell the whole truth about their's?

Bizarre. Someone with that background and education reduced to driving a school bus.

Things that make you go "HHhhmmmmm...."


  1. Interesting.. last week Jon Russell's FB page listed his education as AAS in Criminal Justice. It had previously listed an earned BA, which we all know was a lie..

    Today it lists: Studied Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness at Thomas Edison State College.

    Did he forget that previously? What type of degree is that anyways??

    He changes daily- can't believe anything out of his mouth.

  2. I don't understand. Connie Jo Freeman has right on her campaign postcard that I received that she is an educator. In one of the newspaper articles (Columbian) it also said she was an administrator (educational in nature we are to believe from the article).

    How can you be a teacher or an education administrator without a degree??


  3. That is a legitimate degree offered by Thomas Edison. I will be calling them tomorrow, like I did the first time, to find out if Russell has achieved any degree.

  4. Dig deeper into Freeman's past. "Teaching"/"administrator" experience doesn't mean a credentialed education---it means working with her church's home school program. The woman has spent her adult life putting up a wall between her community and her family and church.

  5. Fascinating background:


    Lakewood High School, Lakewood California 1969

    Bachelor Degree from Southern California Community Bible College, Long Beach, CA


    Professional Experience:

    1975-1979 Teacher-Community Christian Academy, Long Beach, CA

    1979-1982 Proprietor-The Joy of Yogurt, Costa Mesa, CA (Sandwich/Ice Cream Parlor),

    The Big Dipper, Bellflower, CA (Sandwich/Ice Cream Parlor)

    1986-1998 Office manager/book keeper-Freeman Appraisal Service, Anaheim, CA

    (family automotive appraisal company)

    1992-2000 Assistant Administrator-Integrity Christian School K-12, Anaheim, CA

    2001-2005 Administrator-Integrity Christian School K-12, Anaheim, CA

    2005-2008 Administrative Assistant-Kelly Services, Vancouver, WA

    2008-present School Bus Driver-Camas, WA

  6. What about Plinski- Rod Morris' opponent? Rod has been on the city council probably 1/2 of her entire life span. And this qualifies her how to replace him? What is her experience? What does she do for a living? Has she ever attended even on city council meeting? Has ANYONE ever seen her?? What allegance does she owe Russell?

  7. Wow. Flower up a resume. She and Russell deserve each other, but please, in some other community.

  8. Russell just went off to some $1,000+ training for the city about security on the citys dime. Even told the council it was to further his personal career as a night watchman or something similar and they agreed to pay for it. His wunderkin McDaniels even noted that it was appropriate since he is on the public safety & graft committee with her. And it's all on video on the city website. Just amazing what they admit to and keep getting elected.