Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The democratian's non-response on the Russell scam: Memo to Ray

First of all, she did, in fact, make the comment. One thing you could have done... you know, like a real journalist? Is to call me or email me and ask me.

Second, my sources tell me that Jon Russell has been identified as having as many as 20 different identities... in the old Columbian alone.

Third, I have proof that it was Sarah Russell.

Fourth, her comment is still up; had you bothered to click on the link that was her name, you would see that it was posted in the bottom of the comment section here:

Fifth, her failure to confirm or deny pretty much tends to be an acknowledgment, both that she made the comment and that Russell uses fake identities.

If this is what passes for "journalism" here, then there's really no wonder that you people are bleeding money every day.

I seem to recall the massive outrage screamed about here because I had been writing letters using a fake name for years. I had a front page story, and at least 3 columns as I recall.

But in this case? The response was, well, muted. Where's the "outrage?" Where's all that principled nonsense that you clowns pull out whenever you need it?

This is confirmation that an elected official, and official who has lied about his education for years, an official who oversaw the debacle of Washougal finances and the Stacy Sellars drama... feels compelled to use fake names on multiple publications to attack his political opponents.

I remember what you people tried to do to me. One wonders: was all that faux outrage because I disagree with the fringe left politics of those running your show, and wasn't afraid to let you all hear about it? Or was it the real deal?

Well, this blog nonsense here tends to confirm that, doesn't it? And your failure to treat Russell the same way you've come after me? Well, that certainly speaks for itself.


  1. Wow. You said a lot here. I was kind of hoping that the Columbian would go after the Russell thing more- but it looks like YOU have done it anyway. Thanks. Jon Russell has really been a hardship for Washougal and now that he is behind at least two people, Freeman and Plinksi, for the upcoming elections, many feel we need this kind of press coverage to wake people up from their sleepiness over this issue. We just want a free local and non-partisan government here and not one overtaken by other agendas and interests NOT representative of the people of Washougal.

  2. There can be no doubt that Russell is being treated with kid gloves by both local papers owned by the Campbell's; the Columbian and the Post Record.

    One really has to wonder why. The kid is a walking testiment to egomaniacs who cannot control themselves. But, I guess that sells papers, and possibly mediocre blogs like All Politics......

    So sad. Expected more from the Campbell family.

  3. As a city hall insider here's one that agrees with the above. Hard to believe there isn't more investigative work to keep people like Jon on the hot seat. He was right in the middle of a lot of grief for us here and the citizens. Now he wants to champion replacements so he can rule with a stronger hand. Haven't we seen enough of this. Can't someone look into the connections between him and Bivens and Sellers and get the guy out of power somehow?

  4. Interesting comment.......don't stop there though. How about the connections of Jon to Conny Joe Freamen and Karen Polinski? And, Polinski is related to Bivens through business and Freamen related to Jon through failed campaigns for higher office (those lies and half-truths really can f*** you up,can't they Jon!).