Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Russell's support: reason enough to vote against his pet candidates.

Locally, we got stiffed with Ridgefield Barbie, who was installed in Congress by Cathy McMorris. As I've been saying since Ridgefield Barbie scammed the appointment in the Legislature with a fix through Marc Boldt, she has been a cowardly, card board cut out of what a real member of congress SHOULD be, lacking the courage to face any but a hand-picked few as her appearances are carefully controlled and scripted by her handlers who rightfully fear her as being dumb as a plank.

Voters in Washougal are faced with the same situation as Jon Russell attempts to become the de facto mayor by installing his own hand-picked lackeys on the city council.

Unfortunately, Russell's support and endorsement is reason enough to reject these two, his tweedle dee and tweedle dum puppets.

Russell, recently outed by this blog and his own wife as a lying scammer who uses fake identities on area newspapers and blogs to attack political opponents, wants to eliminate any opposition to his agenda. As a result, he's making a serious effort to pack the Washougal City Council.

If Russell were a man of integrity and honor, his endorsement might mean something positive. Instead, it means that these people, one of whom used to be a former employee of his failed campaigns during the last cycle (and weren't those abysmal pieces of crap?) and as such, will be a good little Russell lackie should she be elected.

Checking out Jon's blog, "The Self-Delusion of Jon Russell," we see the same kind of warped reasoning that has clouded his judgement for years:
Plinski finished her Primary race in second place with 27% of the vote. If voters stay with challengers in the general election, both candidates combined behind Pliniski will make up a 1063 votes to Incumbent Rod Morris’ 623 votes.
Yeah. And if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their butts every time they jumped.

Using the same kind of "reasoning" (Using the term advisedly) If voters stay away from Russell's toady, then she will be obliterated at the polls with the usual 70-30 percent loss that Russell's efforts achieved as he screwed up the Port Levy while trying to jam the largest tax increase in local history through the polls.

That didn't work out all that well, either.

Any chance that Plinski has long since vaporized with the information, provided by his own wife, that Jon Russell has been a lying scumbag for years. I sincerely hope that Plinski and Russell's other lackey, Freeman, haven't measured any drapes just yet.


  1. You have hit the nail on the head with this piece!

    Don't forget that Jon also ran Liz Pike's campaign for mayor of Camas, a race she lost like 80% - 20%. And, now Liz is supporting and working for Russell's candidates.AND shacking up with a C-W port commission candidate.

    Can you say incestious? Can you say slimy politician wanna-be's?

  2. Liz is this true???

    Is that why you wrote that piece to the Post Record trying to stick up for Molly & Rod??

    Just whatttttttt is going on here?