Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The playground ethos of Jon Russell.

Russell is an interesting guy.

He doesn't know squat about politics or elections; has the integrity of your basic alley cat and would lie to your face, as he has to mine (and many others) if he thought it would get him elected to something.... In fact, he's just like Steve "The Liar" Stuart and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt in that regard, as well as sharing their fringe left democrat views about jacking up our taxes.... if he can scam a paycheck out of the deal.

Why Delavar views his involvement in his campaign as anything but an anchor around his neck is a mystery to me.

And this is the kind of crap that proves the point:

While these two are partying their socks off. Delavar and I were hitting some high altitude on Mt. Adams.
Lew Waters · Top Commenter · Works at Curmudgeon & Blogger
Pathetic Jon, really pathetic.

Some things are done just for fun, not to further politics.
You take yourself too seriously Lew.

  • Kage McClued · Owner/Writer at Clark County Politics Blog
    I'm reminded of the kid never picked for kickball on the play ground.

    While these two are acting like idiots OUT of the office instead of just acting like idiots IN the office, NO ONE CARES what you do. Comes with the territory of being an ego-maniacal politician that gives the rest a bad name.
The "mee-too, mee-too" element of this is undeniable.

It's the kind of thing which serves to confirm that faux-conservative Jon Russell is unfit for any elective office... this among many others issues he has.

And Jon, spare me the hypocrisy of your "forgiveness." You are not in a position to provide it, and if your responses do not directly address the substance of these matters, you will not be posted here.

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  1. Think how we feel here in Washougal- we are stuck with this maniac child for at least two more years. And we all wonder why Delever sticks with this guy. As for Connie Jo and Plinskie- I guess we shall see if Jon can keep them under his control-