Monday, August 8, 2011

ANOTHER bizarre Jon Russell comment?

The money quote?
People who serve in Washington D.C., Olympia and City Hall regardless of party, often have a[sic] over inflated feeling of self-importance.
For a Jon Russell to actually comment this way... about someone else... PARTICULARLY someone else HE had endorsed when he was, well, ejected by his complete lack of traction in his abortive congressional run.

In knowing and watching Jon for the past 7 years or so, few I have met meet the very definition he has applied to Ridgefield Barbie in this, yet another damage control article by the democratian, as Ridgefield Barbie sold us out with her vote, which, at a minimum violated the GOP 72 Hour Review Rule while she was throwing us under the bus.

Suggestion to Jon:

Before you describe anyone else's shortcomings, feel free to work on your own.

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  1. if anyone is interested anymore Russett's newest alieas is washougalbusinessowner- he is still trying to sling mud at Briggs-

  2. Jon Russell
    I sympathize a great deal with Sarah Palin. As an elected official, I know what it is like to be greatly loved and venomously hated.

  3. this religious wannabe nut case actually compares himself to Sarah Palin??? only in Washougal- (and Alaska). Anyone who would seriously follow this maladjusted person.....