Sunday, August 14, 2011

Democratian comedy: calling Jon Russell a "conservative."

Those crazy kids at the democratian.

Here's the pitch:
Guard views the current council as having a four-person conservative bloc: Delavar, McDaniel, Jon Russell and Dave Shoemaker. Members of the so-called Washougal Four have denied such a bloc exists.
Russell isn't a conservative. He's not really, anything. He and Delevar are,in fact, a pair of "fleebaggers," the term coined to describe the slimeball democrat Senators of Wisconsin who abandoned their positions to paralyze state government to abort democracy because of their absence... just like Russell.

He acts like a conservative and a Christian.

But would a true conservative sell out their principles for a paycheck?

Russell did.

He worked very hard to help the Port of Vancouver try and jam the biggest tax increase in local history down the throats of the people of Vancouver by making roughly 5 figures as a consultant for their Port Levy Election.

His efforts, as well as the Port's, were miserable, like every contested election he's ever been in... and the Port lost on the wrong end of a 70-30 vote.

But no true conservative would sell out for a few pieces of silver to require a huge tax increase... ever. A true conservative would rather starve.

And what true conservative or Christian would lie about their education to get elected? What true conservative or Christian would lie about what their wife does to get elected? What true conservative or Christian would lie to the 18th District PCO's about how much money he'd raised for his election?

He wants a political clone on the council to do what HE wants. In short, his support of Freeman is to achieve one purpose and one purpose only: Russell wants to be the defacto mayor of Washougal. And he can take over the city government if even one of his winged monkeys gets elected.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a frightening prospect for the unsuspecting people of Washougal.

But make no mistake about it. Anything Russell does that screams "conservative" is an act. He's many things... but "conservative" ain't one of them.

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  1. I like the winged monkey part the best- great visual. Connie Jo with wings...