Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gee... things sure got bleak for Jon Russell in a hurry, didn't they?

Over the next few days, the Congressional race in the 3rd will shake itself out a little more as egos demand that efforts at least be made... since it will probably be decades until a better opportunity for the GOP presents itself.

For Jon Russell, the announcement of our local opportunist, Jamie Herrera, to run for the job was the death-knell.

Russell's campaign was going no where fast, and Herrera just nailed it with a sledge hammer.

I freely admit that I oppose Russell: I don't believe he should hold a position in elective office anywhere. In fact, Russell, who had been carrying Herrera's water like Gunga Din, now has come to understand the depths of that woman's ability to toss allies under the bus as she fulfills her destiny... no matter how many bodies she has to climb over to get it done.

But the problem here is that the only suit emptier than Obama's in politics is Herrera.

There's no there, there. And, over time, as I know every aspect of how Herrera came to be appointed; how the political process of her replacement of Richard Curtis was corrupted and how outside influences were used to foist this clueless idiot on an unsuspecting populace, when the timing is right, she'll come to be confronted with her corruption of our process along with that of her mentor, Cathy McMorris.

That said, Russell is now toast. He stood little chance anyway, but now, he would be best served to stay in his little Podunk town and actually get down to finally doing the job he was ELECTED to do... and to stop making excuses when he's caught not doing it.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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