Friday, December 11, 2009

Ever the political opportunist, and seeing the writing on the wall, expect Jon Russell to bail from the congressional race so he can get clobbered....

...running in the 18th.

Russell had zero chance anyway. But with the advent of another empty suited opportunist, Jamie Herrera, Russell now has LESS then zero chance of winning in the WA 03.

Ahha! So, the beatty little mind of Russell thinks, "gee, I know... I'll just run in the 18th! I carried Jamie's water like Gunga Din once SHE got the appointment. There's no way she wouldn't endorse ME to take her place."


Herrera, Orcutt and Zarelli are out there beating the bushes for somebody who can get elected who will do precisely what Zarelli and Orcutt TELL them to do.

Herrera, unfortunately, is like one of those puppets you've got to run your arm up to the head... Kinda like Jeff Dunham. (In this case, Cathy McMorris plays the role of Dunham; Achmed the Dead Terrorist plays he role of Herrera.)

If Herrera ever had an original thought, it long since died of lonliness.

Nevertheless, Russell knows he's over, because Herrera will vacuum up the few people supporting Russell like a shop vac picks up sawdust. Unfortunately for Russell, he's over in the 18th as well.

There are actual adults interested in replacing the professional intern.

There are actually people of character and integrity taking a look.

Any one of them is more qualified then fake fiscal conservative Jon Russell, and none of them tried to ram the biggest tax increase in SW Washington history down anyone's throat.

Nope... that was Russell.

So, stand by. Any second now, when Herrera announces AGAIN, expect Russell to dump the few people who supported him for Congress and try to lower his sights a little bit.

I, for one, can't wait.

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