Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Proving once again how ethically challenged he is, Russell uses his position on the Washougal City Council to illegally campaign.

So, I get this off of CW Watch. Of course, I missed the part where this scummy little worm explained why he did everything he could to ram the biggest local tax increase in our history down our throats when he did such a miserable job of running the Port of Vancouver Levy Campaign.

I suppose he left that out accidentally, eh?

Washougal CUTS Property Taxes
November 25, 2009

WASHOUGAL- Jon Russell, Republican for U.S. Congress, is pleased to announce that for the first time in the City of Washougal’s history, the City Council has passed an ordinance to cut property taxes. Russell, a Washougal City Council Member, sponsored the ordinance, which will cut property taxes by 1% for fiscal year 2010. Monday evening, the Washougal City Council passed Russell’s ordinance unanimously.

“I am honored to have led this charge to put more money in the pockets of our citizens. In an era of record Federal deficits and increased taxes, the people of Southwest Washington need a Congressman who will hold the line on spending and actually reduce the tax burden on working Americans. I am not a candidate who just talks about tax cuts but one who actually does it, and I will do the same as Congressman” said Jon Russell.

Tax relief is a big piece of economic recovery…
“With unemployment running rampant in Southwest Washington, small businesses and families need all the resources they can find to keep their heads above water in this economic recession. More needs to be done on the Federal level to stimulate real economic growth such as the creation of tax free start-up companies”, Russell said.

As proposed by Jon Russell….
1.) Small business startup companies of 100 employees or less should be able to launch their businesses tax free for two years. This means no payroll taxes, no capital gains tax nothing at all goes to the government for the first two years.
2.) Venture capitalists should be able to invest money in these tax free start-ups with no federal taxation on their investment for 2 years.
“Congress and the rest of the federal government will not get us out of this recession. Small businesses must lead the way in the emerging economy” said Jon Russell
Jon Russell has served on the Washougal City Council since 2006 and is Owner of an urgent and family care clinic.
It's a shame this guy was so unconcerned when he blew off his duties as a member of the financial oversight committee that was in overwatch over the city credit cards... if he had been doing his job, he would have KNOWN Sellers was ripping off the taxpayers.

It's a pity he's passing himself off as some sort of fiscal conservative when, in fact, he's a complete political mercenary.

Where's the illegality?

His actions are driven by his congressional campaign. In fact, he's following the pattern started by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt when he scammed a bogus, completely worthless hate crimes resolution through as part of his pandering to the 3 hispanics in Vancouver who can legally vote.

It is not legal to use your seat on a local government as a campaign-related activity. Clearly, in Russell's own words, that's whats happened here.

What a sad and pathetic individual.

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