Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Russell is still in: clearly he doesn't get it.

but then, he's obviously a glutton for punishment.

It's clear to even a blind man that Russell has precisely zero chance of winning. The moment Baird announced he was running for re-election because he knew he would get clobbered if he did, Russell became toast in a way that must still have him reeling.

That said, I almost lost my breakfast when I read this nonsense in the Chronicle up north, who, for whatever the reason, apparently felt compelled to do a sickeningly cloying puff piece on Jon Russell.

Russell an Old Timer in an Increasingly Crowded Field

The bizarro money quote?
So why vote for Jon Russell? He said he has something none of the other two Republicans who entered the race before Baird dropped out have — a voting record.

Although his experience is at the municipal level, Russell is touting his record on proposing local tax cuts and a pay cut he and other councilors recently accepted in light of the recession.

“People know what they’re going to get from me in regards to my voting record,” Russell said.
Really, Jon?

Do they know that all your grandstanding votes on tax cuts and pay cuts are mere props for your congressional campaign?

Do they know YOU ran the Port of Vancouver's campaign effort to ram the largest tax increase in our area's history so YOU could make a few bucks?

Do they know you failed in your job as a city councilman with oversight over Washougal's credit cards and how fast you tossed Stacy Sellers under the bus to save your own ass?

And if they don't, since people are "going to know what they're getting," then how come they don't know THAT?

Yes, I indicated early on that Russell was going to jump ship. Yes, he's stayed in so far. But then, after all of this, it seems I've given him far too much credit in the brain dome department.

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