Sunday, May 4, 2014

Russell snivels again: Local police union endorses that moron, I call them on it: now I'm blocked from Facebook for 24 hours.

Look, I get that Russell hates his past.  It really does suck to be him.  It really does suck to have a history of using people and groups while you act like you really give a damn about them... when we know you don't.

Somehow, he scammed an endorsement from the local cop's union... not that he should want a union endorsement being a conservative and all.

But when I called him... and them... on endorsing someone like Russell, writing this:
Given the evidence against him and his history in Washougal, I'm surprised that anyone would endorse him. 
Http:// has the lowdown.
That may not have been it word-for-word, but it was something like this.

This was the second time I know of that our little weasel has whined about being confronted with the truth.

He should embrace it.  After all, I understand it will set you free.

Right , Jon?

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