Friday, May 2, 2014

Russell gets stung: had a facebook post of mine removed for "violating community standards." Here's my response.

This was posted on the article where Jon wrote a letter, had Sarah sign it and the newspaper printed it.

I responded with the truth, and Russell really isn't all that big on the truth.


For whatever the reason, the following post was removed due to a claim it "violated community standards."

It doesn't, of course: first, it's true and second, I can document it.

Jon Russell has a history of using fake facebook accounts and identities to attack others politically..  Sarah Russell, his wife who now wants you to vote for this guy who has lived all of two years in your community and who, of course, inly wants to use this city council position as a stepping stone for higher office, sent me the following email

Sarah Russell said...

I'm sure no one will believe anything I have to say on the topic, but I promised someone that if I had the time and energy, I would jump on an refute any known fallacies on this blog. SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months. I personally have no idea who these fake names belong to, but I have to refute the false allegations. I know it must come as a shock to some that there might be other persons out their using fake names and disliking this or that political figure, but I'm breaking the news now: there must be! Thanks for letting me set the record straight.

Sarah Russell
August 17, 2011 11:28 PM

This does not "attack" anyone.  It's used as a fact: that Russell's own wife verifies that he uses fake names and identities, but in Sarah's mind, he had done that for 6 months... which, unfortunately, was not true.

Relaying this information, since it is absolutely true, doesn't violate anything.

Check it out:

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