Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I apologize to the people of Culpeper: I should have started sooner.

Had I been more active with this blog and putting up the link, you would have been spared what's likely to happen.

By winning this campaign... barely... Jon is now fixated on his next campaign and he will begin the process of using his city council seat to build up a resume' for leaving your fair town.

That is the modis operandi for Russell, who no more wants to stay in your fair burg and be a city councilman than he wants to be vaporized by Martians.

Expect the grandstanding, the efforts to spread his influence (Like the scam he ran by moving the city council elections to November) and expect him to engage in the kind of things he can put on his campaign literature, because remember this: like Obama, he takes credit for everything good that happens (As if it were a one-person city government) and takes absolutely no responsibility for anything bad that happens.

While I have warned you, the people of the fair city of Culpeper, I didn't start early enough.  But by his election, you'll find out exactly what a self-absorbed, narcissistic snake oil salesman you've hired.

Soon... very soon... he will try and ditch you folks like he did Washougal.  And next time he runs... this blog will still be here, and I'll try much harder to warn the electorate.

Because his next stop is your state capital if he can swing it... and then DC after that.

And THE last thing *I* want is THAT man in MY government.

Remember Jon, I'll be watching.  In the internet age, it'll be much like I moved in next door.

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