Thursday, March 31, 2011

Results of State Health Department Investigation.

I filed a complaint several months ago alleging that Jon Russell was, in effect, marketing his wife, Sara Russell, as a doctor for purposes of their now-closed clinic, Columbia Gorge Medical Center.

In support of that allegation, I provided my statement which noted that I had heard Russell indicate his wife was a "physician" during his speech at the 18th District PCO meeting held last May; that he had indicated that Sarah Russell, who the state refers to as an "Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner" was, in fact, a doctor during the course of an interview given to the Vancouver Business Journal and in a listing maintained by the Post-Record.

That said, I just received a letter dated March 16 which indicated they had made the decision not to pursue any disciplinary action against either of them, because "no violation occurred."

I, of course, disagree. What the the letter essentially now says is that it's perfectly OK to tell the media that your wife/business partner is a doctor/physician, even if she isn't; that is absolutely legal to list your wife/business partner in a directory as a doctor, even if she isn't, and that it's just really swell to tell anyone who will listen to you that this person is a "physician" when, in fact, she is no such thing.

But I'm big about full disclosure, so, in that interest, this is the outcome of the investigation.

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