Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Russell loses it again; emulates Wisconsin democrats and leaves to stop legislation.

By now, we all know the story.

Democrat senators in the Wisconsin legislature bailed to stop legislation they didn't happen to like (thus adding "flee-bagger" to the lexicon): gutting their master's collective bargaining abilities (Since they're not "rights") caused them to throw a playground snit and leave the state, depriving the senate of their needed quorum to pass bills related to fiscal matters.

Russell has been exhibiting bizarre behavior recently. And this has to take the cake.

Well imagine my surprise when I ran across this in the local democratian:

Washougal council members walk out of meeting

Washougal council members Michael Delavar (left) and Jon Russell.

Washougal council members Michael Delavar (left) and Jon Russell.

The Washougal City Council meeting ended abruptly Monday night when two council members walked out of council chambers during discussions about a possible review of the city’s ethics policies.

The meeting closed following the departures of Jon Russell and Michael Delavar because the seven-person council no longer had the minimum number of members present required by law to hold an official meeting. Council members Jennifer McDaniel and Dave Shoemaker were absent from Monday’s meeting.

Monday’s meeting drama came after council members disagreed on who would appoint members to sit on a newly formed ethics committee. The formation of the ethics committee passed by a 3-2 vote earlier in the meeting.

The ethics committee will include three council members and the city’s human resources director.

Russell and Delavar left the meeting after the council voted down a motion to have the appointments committee choose who would sit on the ethics committee. Russell sits on the appointments committee.

Recent online posts by Russell about city administration and council members made it important to address the city’s ethics policies for council members sooner rather than later, Mayor Sean Guard said Tuesday morning. He noted he told council members during a workshop three weeks ago that he planned to bring up the need for an ethics review during an upcoming council meeting.


This is problematic for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that a position on the city council isn't like playing with a football: you simply cannot pick it up and carry it home every time you don't get your own way.

I never thought I would ever see either of these two join the flee-bagger movement. I believe that both Russell and Delavar should resign immediately. Clearly, they don't get their responsibilities to Washougal and the people would be better off without them.

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  1. http://couv.com/clark-county-today/david-madore-interviews-washougal-city-council-member-jon-russell

  2. Hey, Russell scooped you with his own dinamic videos. Im surprised you havent watched these and "diagnozed" them.......

  3. Call Russell anything you want but not Democrat. He is so far right he's about to roll of the earth.

  4. Washougal City Council member Michael Delavar walked out of a city council meeting on April 4 with fellow council member Jon Russell. The two walked out to prevent a vote from occurring with two other council members out due to prearranged absences.